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Nauka gry w szachy W grze, w której panują hetmany, gońce itp. pion jest często postrzegany jako mięso armatnie. Przedstawię zasady ruchów króla. Błażej Maciej Garus. Updated March 1, Transcript. 1. m. 2. p. b. Y. g. X. F. Podstawowe zasady gry. Szachy. B. szachy = = szachy klasyczne = = szachy. wszystkie bieżące informacje zawarte w tym rozdziale odnoszą się do roku – roku opublikowania książki] CZĘŚĆ I: SZACHY I ZASADY GRY PLANSZA I.

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A move is made which draws a key defensive piece away from an important duty.

Sometimes an important defensive piece can be attacked and chased away, therefore exposing the squares which it formerly guarded. In-Between Move An “In-Between Move” also frequently called by the German word “Zwischenzug” is a forcing move inserted into an otherwise expected sequence – e. Double Attack A double attack occurs when two of one side’s pieces are attacked.


In some cases, it can even be worth it to sacrifice material to remove that defender. Pin zasdy Defender Another way to immobilize a key defending piece is to pin it.

Exposing the King Tactics can be used for positional or attacking reasons, and using tactics to expose the enemy king is one example. A pieces which is doing two important jobs at once i.

But it can also happen as a result of a “discovered attack” – a piece moves out of the way, opening up a new attack while creating a threat of its own. Sometimes you might identify a crucial defender, the removal of which may allow you to carry out a tactic.

Dejarik – Wikipedia, wolna encyklopedia

Deflection “Deflection” is a very common tactic and is connected to the idea of the overworked piece. Sometimes this happens as a result of a “fork” – when one piece attacks two.

Double Threat Using a piece to attack two of the opponent’s pieces a “fork” can be strong; but it is just as strong to create two more complicated threats at once – zsaady as threatening both a piece and a mating attack with one move. Drive Off the Defender Akin to removing the defender is the idea of driving off the defender.


Podstawowe zasady gry w szachy

In this course you will be learning not just how to grh a fork, pin, or skewer, etc; but also how to set up a situations where such tactics are possible. King Hunt In certain positions, when your opponent’s king is exposed and you have enough attackers available, you d begin an unstoppable “chase” of the opponents king – not unlike “running the table” in billiards – a king hunt is when your entire army gets involved in the pursuit of your opponent’s king.

Destroy the Defender The concept of removing the defender is fundamental to tactics. Such a piece can be said to be “overworked”.