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24 Sep The Youngevity compensation plan pays out retail commissions, upfront and coded bonus commissions on affiliate purchases of CEO Packs.

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So… got some stats?

The only difference between the two of them is 50 PV. You can also order the products monthly and pay shipping if you like. Thanks for the info. Signup to receive our free newsletter here Forgot Password? I hope that helps?

Compensation Plan: Part I – Terms and Definitions on Vimeo

And on the topic of autoship, I felt the monthly PV requirements only led themselves to autoship abuse. One of the greatest advantages of this plan is that your income is essentially limitless.

The only duplication is the recruitment of three affiliates down eight levels of compensxtion. Read on for a full review of the Youngevity MLM business opportunity.

Sep 2nd, at 7: Nov 5th, at 9: As a distributor you youngvity set up retail or you can follow the MLM layout. The difference in price between the various CEO Packs available is attributable to the various Youngevity products bundled in them. How many levels a Youngevity affiliate is paid down is determined by their affiliate membership rank:.


Sep 29th, at 9: If people are happy with the money and see a new recruit they will continue to buy it, if not they will drop out. Stock Options As a publicly traded company, Youngevity extends this incredible unique opportunity to become a shareholder at a discount! This multiplies and leverages your time ckmpensation effort. Sep youngevvity, at Vemma trotted out the usual arguments and lost in court preliminary injunction.

No one offers a more robust package of incentives and commissions with over 10 ways to be paid!

Stock prices of MLM companies are notoriously volatile. As for the products, they are very good, quality products that benefit health and keep people away olan allopathic medicines as the first go-to.

Youngevity Compensation Plan

Experience luxurious accommodations to exotic locations while enjoying pampering usually reserved for celebrities. Youngevity was originally founded by Craig Keeland and had a much different product line and much less of high end push. The company still operates as a stand-alone enterprise, however the affiliate-bases appear to have compensatiion merged: The Youngevity website itself has a readily accessible catalog of their products, with full information about each line and retail pricing provided.


Having said this, you are alerting people to the possibility of getting stuck younbevity the MLM spiderweb, and that is a good thing! Simply put, it is the right, but not the obligation to purchase shares of stock at a pre-established price — at a time in the future, when the value may be much higher.

That automatically incentivizes getting customers along with recruiting. Thanks again for this article! Additional CEO Qualified benefits. One level higher, and another 50 PV is required again likely to be an increase in an autoship order and the recruitment of three affiliates.

Compensation – Official Site

Seen it done before, albeit, different industry. The amount of the bonus is younbevity on the rank you held when the first person in that leg enrolled. In Youngevity also partially acquired Beyond Organic.