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Vaikhanasa Agamas, as per legend, originate from the Vedic Sage Vikhanas. . Vaikhanasa is an agama taught by vikhansa maharishi, and pancharatra is. VaikhAnasa gruha archa mUrthys at SrI Ramakrishna Deekshitulu’s gruham with VedAs. The VaikhAnasa Agama was meant exclusively for temple-worship. The jnana-paada segment of Vaikhanasa Agama texts is, therefore, rather brief as compared to discussion on rituals. It does not go about setting out a detailed.

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A Puja ceremony takes place with God as the royal guest, followed by a Homa, offering into the fire [Homaagni], and a Bali [offering-but not animal sacrifice] with something that may be visible, touchable, audible, or eatable.

Sage Vikhanasa blessed the world with one and half crores of PramAnams in his Aagamam. What are the four Vedas? Atri Maharshi gives the story of how the Brahma obtained from Vishnu the Vaikhanasa sutra. The Vaikhanasa know their scripture only as ‘Bhavagachhastra’; their implicit acceptance of Vedic authority was well known even to the ancient smriti-karas like Baudhayana, idol worship was not for them a substitute for the Vedic ritual, but was itself in their view, a Vedic ritual.

He brought the Vedas up and gave them to Brahma, who was overjoyed and began worshipping Vishnu again with the Vedic hymns viz. He is worshipped as present on the right side of Vishnu’s main idol ‘Dhruva-bera’.

Then Brahma went to Naimisa forest as an ascetic with matted hair on the head, and began to perform severe penance.

What are karma and destiny? Thus the person is a Vaishnava, even when he is born, and he is regarded as the offspring of Vishnu viz.

Afterwards, it disappeared from the universe.


Vishnu himself is said to have declared that those who follow the Vaikhanasa Sutra are dearer baikhanasa him. Then Vishnu decided to fight, and diving deep into the ocean killed the demons Madhu and Kaitabha. Then the hymn called the Aatmasukta is recited that identifies the body of vaikhxnasa devotee with the cosmos, followed by meditation on Vishnu’s Niskala aspect: Vaishnavism entails subscribing to certain doctrines, including those laid out in the Brahma Sutras.


Supreme deity Vishnu Krishna Rama. Brahma incarnated himself as Vikhanas in the Naimisharanya and then Vishnu Himself taught Brahma the mysteries of worship in the form of thirty two questions.

What is Vaikhanasa Agama? – Definition from Yogapedia

In accordance with Vaikhanasa doctrine of the two forms of Vishnu, the Nishkala, the unfigured, and the Sakala, the figured, two cult images are distinguished. The only information I could find in Hindu scripture about the origin of the Vaikhanasas is in the Narayaniya portion of the Shanti Parva of the Mahabharata. Krishna Vaikhanasas do not believe in Advaita, Dvaita, or Visistadvaita. If the devotee wishes for temporal and eternal results he should worship both forms. The invocation agwma with a Mantra, sacred utterance, saying that the Imperishable is linked to the Perishable and that the Self is released from all evil as it knows God.

Those Rishis that subsist upon the froth of water then obtained it from Narayana. The work contains three types of Sutras —the Shrauta, the Grhya and the Dharma which altogether may be designated as Smarta-sutra. Vaikhanasas place more emphasis on rituals than in high-minded philosophy; while mainstream Vaishnavas are committed to elaborate Vedantic philosophical systems, like Dvaita or Visistadvaita, Vaikhanasa doctrines are more about the construction and worship of idols and the like.

In fact you can pretty much define Vaishnavism the belief in the supremacy of Vishnu as it’s described in the Pancharatra texts.

Vishnu-bali is a sacrament which follows ‘seemantha’ the ritual before child birth. Since the Pancharatra texts originated from Narayana himself, they are followed by pretty much all mainstream Vaishnava Sampradayas, whether Sri Vaishnavas, Madhvas, Gaudiya Vaishnavas, etc. From the Vaikanasas, Shoma got it. He brought back the Vedas and gave them to Brahma.

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Yoga Blogger of the Month: Vishnu advised him to worship without any mantras and in accordance with the Tantrik procedure.

He is generally portrayed as having a pale complexion, wearing golden clothes with four arms, and he is often depicted with his four disciples, to whom he taught to worship Vishnu. This page was last edited on 21 Octoberat So the Venkateshwara is clearly a Vishnu temple, but it’s not a Vaishnava temple, because the rituals of the temple are zgama based on the teachings that characterize the Vaishnava belief system.

They were vaikhxnasa merely ritual priests, but were trusted with administering the temples and their lands. They are mentioned in the Narayaniya, which is a late section of the Mahabharata of uncertain date but probably no earlier than the third century CE.

Digging up into Khanana appears to be in the background of the expression Vikhanas. The “Vaikhanasa Agamas” place great significance on the images of gods and their consorts. When the word Vikhanasa, in the background expression, is interpreted as referring to Brahma, the creator, a distinction is made in Nrisimha Purana, between the older Brahma Agrajawho was born out of Vishnu’s mind with only one head and who became the author of the Sutras, and the younger Brahma Anujawho was born out of Vishnu’s navel, with four faces, for producing the worlds and denizens in them.