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About This is all I ask. From Lynn Kurland, the New York Times bestselling author of the Nine Kingdom series. Set near the Scottish border at a rugged castle on. 9 Mar I feel blessed that I have had the opportunity to read This Is All I Ask, Lynn Kurland took two people – one who was horribly abused by her. From Lynn Kurland, the New York Times bestselling author of the Nine Set near the Scottish border at a rugged castle on the edge of the sea, this is the story .

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Yes you read correctly.

This Is All I Ask

But the book lacked depth to fully explore the traumas of both Gillian and Christopher and then attempted a humour that really didn’t work for me. How difficult that would be for a blinded knight?

It just got exhausting ii many times the hero was patient and calm with the heroine yet she’d jump from A to X in her stupid conclusions thinking the worst. Want to Read saving…. My biggest complaint with this one was that the heroine, Gillian, read like she was child.

He can apparently joust with a few shouted hints from his squire, sword fight, wrestle, and do hand to hand combat. This was a critical moment for her. She was faithful and kkrland all, incredibly strong and courageous- something she never realised she possessed.

They start by attempting to avoid each other, and by way of an incident without giving too much of the plot awayend up spending enough time together to fan the spark.


Gillian of Warewick- a soft, tender soul who has been abused at the hands of her disgusting brute of a father, has learned the horrifying news.

This is all I ask by Lynn Kurland |

It has a very Julie Garwood feel to it, and I’m in no way complaining. This is a good thing, because it’s hard to envision any other situation in which the stupidity of our hero and heroine doesn’t drive them apart. Refresh and try again. The humor was the perfect balance to the often dark subject matter.

For me, that is a bonus.

Ughh he was strong, arrogant and dominant whilst also being incredibly tender and gentle with Gillian. I have really come to love and enjoy Lynn Kurland’s books. Recommended to Mary by: Jul 02, Anali rated it it was amazing Shelves: It brought tears to my eyes.

It is also on occasion, whether intentionally or not, kind of humorous. And in true fairytale fashion, it had it’s own share of morals and lessons. But it made sense the way things happen. Thanks goodness for witches whose alll made the leads fall in love. We also have a cast of what I’m sure are intended to be loveable side-characters whose slap-stick goodness is only eclipsed by the utter incomprehensible villainy of the baddies.

This Is All I Ask | de Piaget Family | Lynn Kurland

I laughed, I cried. A pulsing, breathing entity capable of both destruction and beauty. I mean really, really cried.

Blackmour is rumored to be an evil sorcerer. I reveled in every moment- each caress, soft word, tease ahhh all of it was wonderful. At the beginning, she was terrified of Christopher.


I know I’m making it sound kurlabd bad and I’m a bit worried because I was looking to a B- grade and now it feels I’m describing a much lower grade. Gillian is a young woman whose only known abuse and domination.

There are no love scenes in this book.

Kurlandd October 1st by Berkley Publishing first published January 1st On the contrary, her portrayal seemed to be built on a bunch of stereotypes. Aug 06, Katie W rated it really liked it Shelves: These aspects kept this from being a five star book for me, despite the fact that I cried in the scene right after the first setback.

In the dark and afraid to care! Gillian, our heroine, was terribly abused by her father.

Desert Isle Keeper

Yet she had a wealth of beauty within her. This is still a favorite of mine. Mar 25, Christine rated it it was ok Shelves: We also have a cast of what I’m sure are intended to be loveable side-characters whose slap-sti So, in this book, there are witches who magically bring our leads together. Awk only care she’s ever known was from her brother and then he was gone. Only his reputation kuurland people from guessing his real secret.