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Arivunithi THIRUMANTHIRAM meaning english – Free download as PDF File the ancient culture, science and Tradition of tamilnadu. written by Thirumoolar. In concert with Babaji’s Kriya Yoga and Publications, Inc. of Canada, the Order is pleased to make this new translation and commentary available to the English. The Thirumandiram (Tirumantiram), by Siddha Tirumular is a sacred script, its transliteration in Roman characters, its English translation and a commentary.

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Who, by their professed faiths, do not abide, Beside the judgment they receive in the life beyond, In terms of Agamic law by Siva revealed, Punished they shall be on earth by the engpish ruler of the land. There is some history behind this publication.

Don’t have a Kindle? The Three Classes of Pralaya Kalas. On top of Spinal Column in the Center Is built a habitation unique; Three the compartments it has Four the doors; Within these they sit in Samadhi ; When through the door on top They vision the Void No more the word Death, aye, not even in dream The Vedic Brahmins who holy sacrifices perform, On Salvation intent, give before they eat; Even as in knowledge true, supreme they stand, So in conduct they lead–to the One Goal headed straight.

Dhyana is of Two Kinds.

When after intercourse, the man is short of breath, The infant born a dwarf will be; When breath spires feeble, The issue may, of defective limbs be born; When breath halts in mid-act A hunch-back will be born; All these apply not, To woman’s breathing rhythm.

Like unto the swan that from milk the water parts, So the Lord, Himself, alone, in this Sabha unique, Grasped the senses many that scorch like fire, And thus the Seven Births unto roasted seeds rendered. Like the ghee subtly latent in purest milk, Into the waveless Thought the Lord in silentness speaks; They who, in silentness realise, this mortal coil shuffled, Purity they become, in Limitless Light mingling.


They who birth’s finale saw, Alone knew how purusha, Of Tattvas five and twenty The body Corporeal entered; None else know, That which sought woman’s birth-pit, In form twain, rushed within. How Jivas Reach Siva.

Tirumantiram: A Tamil Scriptural Classic: Tirumular: : Books

thjrumanthiram Names of Glories of Maya Sakti. Hara, Hari And Aya. They see the sprouting wanton buds on tender twigs They see how soon they flash their beauty and die; Yet they seek not the Holy Feet; Alas they know not when the sure call comes from High.

Him the Six harried, Passion’s form assuming, Him the Five maligned, countless miseries giving, Him Karma tortured through birth after birth pursuing- Thus he learned to despise life — in the Lord alone refuge finding.

Consumption and anaemia, asthma and colic pain- Such the lot of those who nothing in charity give; Snake and thunder, sore throat and fleshly ills, Approach not them that others’ needs relieve. Of Crimson fire hue is our Lord! When parents two in pleasure united, Then was ordained, this body, The sorrow-house of vexing pasa; When that is to be, At that hour of union, He ordained; He, the Heavenly Lord.

Revealed Alike In Sanskrit and Tamil. He who gives to Gods, Guru, And the Goodly ones Who are of passions rid, Will a Jnani become, Imparting Jnana appropriate to disciples several; For him is not the burning hell, That is destined for perpetrators Of deadly sins five, Who know not consequences dire.

From Kailas To Earth. Those who realize God, They alone get qualities godly; They join company of immortals; Pasa vanishes; They become immanent in all life They hear sounds subtlest, That emanate Unto fragrance out of flower.

Firmly holding that vast riches are a grievous curse, They hungered for the Lord who to us richest treasure gave; Hoping and dreaming they waited for the immortal prize, All sacrifices performed, the undying wealth to achieve.

The Hoarders are Sinners. English, Tamil About the Author Very little is known of the legendary Tirumular who is traditionally considered to be a Siva Yogi hailing from the north and settled down in the south at Thiruvavaduthurai. The thread, then, only a dark bond, the fine tuft, only tresses long; The true thread Vedantam is, the sacred tuft wisdom proves These the Brahmnins truly see, these virtues to them belong.

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The worldly folk who seek connubial delights Are, like eddying water, sucked into whirling pool; Such is passion, incontinent, fleeting as a dream; Real it is not; let not its siren spell you befool. You, the Unseen, only kin to this forlorn slave, Let me not falter to embrace Your feet!

Thiurmanthiram the tenets found in Saiva Sidhanta,we find in the book doctrines common to Tantras. You are the Refuge. Weigh well the pros and cons, and having weighed, waver not, Lose not your bearings, caught in wealth’s eddy; Fling aside the transient trappings of earthly treasures And thus when the Pale Sargeant comes, for the great leap be ready.

Devotee Welcomed by Celestials. This present work fulfills this need and several others, which the previous translation did not.

I saw the Feet of the Lord, deckt in odorous Konrai blooms, I saw the Feet of thirumanthiraam Lord, dark-dressed in elephant-skin, I saw the Feet of the Lord, on lotus-blossom enthroned, I saw the Yhirumoolar of the Lord, my heart-core’s love within. Siddhas Ascend the Thirty-Six Tattvas. Yoga Includes Kavacha Nyasa and Mudra. If Brahmins, from folly unredeemed, flaunt the tuft and thread, That land droops and fades, its ruler’s glory runs to waste; So, scanning deep in Wisdom’s light, the King shall clip The thread and tuft for empty show kept and possessed.

The last volume also contains presentations from two philosophical schools of Saiva Siddhanta, a glossary, a select bibliography engpish index. Vision of Light Resplendent in Samadhi. He is the mighty nameless Flame; Whose unknown beginnings I venture to speak.