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The Peacegiver: How Christ Offers to Heal Our Hearts and Homes [James L. Ferrell] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. How is Christ the. The Peacegiver has ratings and reviews. Megan said: Two stars is actually a bit generous, because I had to FORCE myself to finish it. Don’t. 3 quotes from The Peacegiver: How Christ Offers to Heal Our Hearts and Homes: ‘Being Mistreated is the most important condition of mortality, for eternit.

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The author does an incredible job narrating. This thought is not new, just new to me – this thought may need to be revised as it’s now 3 years later. Nov 06, Shiloah rated it it was amazing Shelves: Many, many couples can use this book to enhance their relationship with one another and to create a greater foundation for their marriage. And besides, really, how are you supposed to teach about the atonement without being a little predictable and somewhat dry?

It is at this point in most marriages when people call it quits. Mar 04, McKenna rated it liked it. Mar 13, Andrea rated it really liked it. I can’t tell you what a miracle this is. The heroics aren’t about dramatic save-the-day rescues or sacrifices. When the main character went through all of his pain, you want to blame others for all of the difficult things that happened to him where he had no fault in acquiring.

Jun 18, Andrea rated it it was amazing. It is much more simplistic in its presentation. The Peacegiver by James L. He will make my burdens light.

The Peacegiver | Life is Good

I like to be validated. I think this is a good book that every LDS member can benefit greatly peqcegiver. Flip Side of a Coin. I love how he keeps us engaged with bringing the scriptures to life as well as explaining doctrine. In his dreams, Rick is visited by his grandfather Carson, who is deceased in real life.


Everyone Remembers the Play.

These are the challenging questions of daily life, the questions to which the gospel must provide an answer if it is to have living, cleansing, redeeming power. Feb 03, Karly Cahoon rated it it was amazing.

At the risk of sounding cheesy, this was the most uplifting book! Recommended to Amy by: Please review your cart. That being sa I had read that this was an “easy read” and have to disagree with that.

It really gives you such amazing insight to the scriptures and explains it in such a way I never thought of before. Rick is then visited by his deceased Grandpa in his dreams. He talks about his ups and downs of married life and feels he is alone in the world.

The Peacegiver is a very thought provoking book full of gospel principles. In the beginning of the book, it explains how Rick and Carol experienced so much happiness earlier in their marriage, but years later have grown to feel unloving and unkind feelings toward each other.

If I repent of failing to extend mercy, the Lord will supply me with everything I need and more—he will grant me his love, his companionship, his understanding, his support. If there was a list of required reading for life, this book would definitely be on it! While I am not a big fan of over-explaining, or in this case spending more time saying you are going to explain than explaining the book could have been half as longthe book struck a chord with me because of my thoughts on pride.

Thank you so much for writing this post.

The Peacegiver

This is not a C. It was time to rejoin his family. I can receive of the Lord’s mercy—and the happiness, healing, and peace that attend it—only to the extent I extend the same to others. How often do we feel that way? With only a very few words it could have explained that the wives in the story were frustrated by their husbands’ dismissive responses to their early pleadings for change.


The book communicates heartfelt and staggering truths. I think we all know the basics of the Atonement, some more than others, but this book helps you see multiple facets of the atonement and how they can be applied to relationships in your life.

It reads so wonderfully but I have known something of the work it takes to make it look like it flows so effortlessly.

The Peacegiver | Meridian Magazine

Deeply moving, it is a must for anyone concerned with loving relationships, their marriage, and how Christ brings healing to the human heart and soul. You’ve successfully reported this review. That isn’t to say it’s bad; it certainly provides much more food for thought than a typical Sunday School class, and clothes it in relatable garb: I have bought copies for each of my kids.

The Peacegiver is a nice LDS inspiration tale. With only a very few words it could have explained that the wives in the story were frustrated by their husbands’ passive-aggressive response to their wives’ early pleadings for change. We are each working out our peacefiver salvation with fear and trembling before the Lord.

Our Savior’s Love Carolyn J. Teachings of the Prophet.