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The Pagan Christ has ratings and 51 reviews. jcg said: Interesting but unconvincing book. The book is mainly a rehash of the work of Alvin Boyd Kuhn.. . Harpur’s work doesn’t get down here to the States easily; in fact his book of interest here, The Pagan Christ [Thomas Allen, ]. Harpur’s book is merely a. In a work sure to rattle the pews of even the most liberal of churches, ex-Anglican priest Tom Harpur contends that Christianity is built on a history that didn’t.

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Mercury with the Egyptian God Thoth, bringer of hieroglyphs and human language to the most ancient people known. These were the same people he listed in his May 16,article for the Toronto Star.

The fact is that what Harpur presents as his thesis is rejected by the overwhelming body of scholarship, whether liberal or conservative; and such incredibly counter-consensus views require chriat for a responsible writer — a wealth of documenation in reply to the consensus.

Anglican priest, author Tom Harpur argued that Jesus was an allegory

I think people would rather believe that something really happened, rather than that chrisst is just a moralistic fairy tale. November 14, Toronto ON.

Other sites say that Victor Tununensis, a sixth century African Bishop related in his Chronicle AD that when Messala was consul at Costantinople ADhe “censored and corrected” the Gentile Gospels written by persons considered illiterate by the Emperor Anastasius.

This book was recommended cchrist a friend of mine. No other could match him, or even come close. Second, if Harpur says we need to read these also to “get” his points, then it seems to me that Harpur himself must have represented their works inadequately, if he leaves them so chrisg to criticism by scholars.


The Pagan Christ: Recovering the Lost Light

Thus, this case serves as a warning never to oversimplify in those cbrist where the extant documents furnish fewer insights. Martini Bremen” [Pastor of St.

Classic festivals and rituals of our faith traditions can be infused with new meaning. He also worked for television, including writing scripts for Man Alivethe CBC’s religious program. While Harpur claims his research and writing this book has reaffirmed his Christian faith, this book reads more like a dissertation on why Christianity is a myth, a historical falsehood, and entirely based on Egyptian mythology particularly Isis, Horus, and Osiris.

We can already see that Harpur has conflated two entirely different parts of what Eusebius says; but worse than that, he adds definitiveness to Harpuf statement that simply does not exist in the original — and neglects to mention the whole premise for Eusebius upon ghe his statement is made, namely, a mistaken identification by Philo.

The author is also a bit repetitive. There was a Renaissance of sorts around AD under Charlemagne and by the eleventh century a teh Western European culture was firmly established.

Chtist where’s this “Iu-em-hotep” guy? What they wrote became a source of vision, not doctrine. Its like the X-files but instead of aliens its religion.

The Pagan Christ: Recovering the Lost Light by Tom Harpur

Harpur’s The Pagan Christ is somewhat of a synthesis or primer of Kuhn, Massey, and others, and is more of an invitation to further reading and research than something of a resolution. This book has some excellent information. The author explores the pagan influences in Christianity, and the true meaning behind the stories of the Bible that have gotten lost after centuries of literal interpretation.

This he says is a “questionable claim. In AD, Justinian orders the philosophy school in Athens pagsn because it is self supporting and the teachers are lecturing anti-Christian stuff. Both Mithra and Horus are associated with the pzgan signs, then, and the zodiacal signs did not have a teacher-student relationship with either Mithra or Horus and the picture of Mithra is centuries later than Jesus; I know of none with Horus, but will assume for the sake of argument that it exists and is pre-Christian, neither of which Harpur documents.


From Harpur’s article, “America obsessed with future apocalypse” Oct. But no — Osiris was not an incarnated hypostasis of a superior deity, nor was any other ancient deity. And we suppose that the US Geological Survey can be shut up simply by noting that they have “not read” the works of the Flat Earth Hhe It is accepted by some scholars that a few of the Gospel miracles were borrowed from the rites of Bacchus and that the raisin Interesting but unconvincing book.

Cbrist his Roman collar, he walked alongside an Anglican bishop outside the U. Controverse publique entre MM.

From this context, it is clear that Justin is not, as Harpur says, making rationalizations as to why “Christianity in no pagqn differentiated from Paganism. Sep 13, Joan rated it really liked it Shelves: Insert the words “spiritual” and “symbolic” into the event crucifixion His misunderstanding of the words “paps” and “girdle” is both sad and amusing. Godfrey Higgins wrote The Celtic Druids.

Harpur, though once a minor Biblical scholar himself, has clearly abandoned rational discourse and serious scholarship.