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The Fox and The Hound has ratings and 58 reviews. Rebecca said: To anyone else thinking of reading this, It’s not the Disney film most children grew. 24 Sep In a long, colorful life, Daniel P. Mannix worked as a sword swallower, a fire Initially, The Fox and the Hound starts out on what seems to be a. The Fox and the Hound [Daniel P. Mannix, John Schoenherr] on * FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Animal story about a duel between two.

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I have no idea who first read this book and decided it would make a great Disney movie, because that’s definitely not the feeling it left me with but it did anyway, so maybe what do I know?

Not to mention this book was very quick read. Any change that Disney Tod sees is good, as he begins to enjoy his life in the woods and starts to adapt by dating a local.

A dog-shaped obstacle is about to put this to the test, as soon after Amos becomes fed up of Copper running off and decides to tie him to his makeshift kennel next to Chief. If you can stomach the dark imagery, I think everyone old and young should try and read this, but don’t expect to leave it with a good feeling afterwards.

The subsequent shouting match between Tweedy and Amos means the friends are separated — Tod is confined to the house, and Copper later leaves with his master and mentor on a winter hunting trip. Mannix felt it was nearly impossible for any writer to escape imparting some anthropomorphism in such a novel, as a human must guess at the way an animal’s mind may work and what motivations it may have.


The Fox and the Hound (novel) – Wikipedia

With this method, he kills the kits; then by using the sound of a wounded fox kit, he is also able to draw out and kill Tod’s mate. There’s been a shift, a grand one, and this story has secured its spot in my heart and on the top.

Tod mates with an older, experienced vixen who gives birth to a litter of kits. It has been years since I read Dickey’s “Deliverance,” so I may be off in this comparison, but the tone reminds me of that for some reason.

The Fox and the Hound, Daniel P. Mannix

The Fox and the Hound”. This is how the bloodhound sees the hunt. She carries him to an exit burrow, and one of the terriers kindly spares her a return trip by breaking into the tunnel and savaging the other cubs to death.

The fox and the hound. Thd Master has lost most of his own land, and the only dog he owns now is Copper. Books by Daniel P. There are no discussion topics on this book yet. The final chapters become almost nostalgic for the hunting days, and more of a fierce polemic against the rapid expansion of the suburbs in the s.

The Fox and The Hound by Mannix, Daniel P

We see the world the way Tod and Copper see it, in monochrome shades colored with pure scent. Jan p.mwnnix, James Steele rated it really liked it.

Woven throughout his lifetime are the many ways in p.mmannix Copper and his Master attempt to catch him — traditionally hunting, professional huntings, trapping, poison, etc. If this book were about pages shorter, it might have earned itself a higher star rating.


The most suitable word about this book is cruel. This defeats the point of Tod hanging around his mate and offspring, so he eventually tires of family life too. Namely how societal rules can force people and friendships apart, and how doing the right thing for your friends and family can be painful, both emotionally and physically, especially if a grizzly bear is involved.

Fortunately he was still chained, but as Tod dashes away Amos bursts out of the house and unties both hunting dogs, ordering them to chase down that sneaky no-good fox. As preparation for writing the novel, Mannix studied foxes, both tame and wild, a wide variety of hunting techniques, and the ways hounds appear to track foxes, seeking to ensure his characters acted realistically.

So don’t be an idiot like I was and read the last two chapters in a crowded restaurant where you have fight back tears so you won’t look like a wuss in public. Hardcoverpages. This is how they see the world. Ths is, until the fox meets another vixen, and has another litter abd puppies, and the Master and Copper find these puppies too, and, well —. Then the old lady leaves him the wild by himself. This book is so adorable. They spend their lives in an endless game of cat-and-mouse, each learning from the other’s mistakes.