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The Entity is a American horror film directed by Sidney J. Furie and written by Frank De Felitta, who adapted his novel of the same name. It stars. The Entity () Frank De Felitta With a new introduction by Gemma Files Soon to be a major motion picture produced by James Wan (Insidious, The. Frank De Felitta, Writer: The DuPont Show of the Week. Frank De The Entity (novel – as Frank DeFelitta) / (screenplay – as Frank DeFelitta). The.

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Her son and an elderly neighbor walk in on this, but find no one else in the room.

In the book she only wants him dead which is weird when you stop to think about it, how can you kill something that isn’t even alive and is already a ghost but in the movie she’s all like “do what you want but because I am done” or something along those lines. I don’t think it ever mentioned about her father’s sexual attraction towards her in the book. Furie and written by Frank De Felittawho adapted his novel of the same name. Refresh and try again.

The Entity () – Valancourt Books

This brutal unseen force makes attempts on her life and terrorizes her children, but the worst part is that no one believes her. But then I read it, and wow, it was quite good actually! The Haunting Of Sterling Place. This book and the true story have very little in common. Anatomy of velitta Haunting.


I really can’t say I liked this book at all, but will give it 2 stars on having to know how it ended. Cinema of the Psychic Realm: Like De Felitta’s Audrey Rosewhich sold more than 2. I picked this book up at a used bookstore, next to a bus station, somewhere near Antioch, CA.

Frank De Felitta – IMDb

fgank The next she was on the bed, seeing stars. As they look back, they see the entity frozen for a brief period into a very large mass of ice. The woman Carlotta sees a psychiatrist who beieves she is creating this and doing it to herself as OVerview: Beyond physical reality, beyond ecstasy and pain to a dark netherworld of psycho-sexual truth. After Cindy takes her friend to various mystics or fortune tellers around Los Angeles, Carlotta is in the West Coast University bookstore and overhears two graduate students talking about paranormal activity.

He believes she is schizophrenic as entiyt the other shrinks and tells her that she is hallucinating. Enraged, he tried to help her by hitting this invisible being with a chair, only to later get arrested for attacking and injuring her with it. In the book Billy is telling his sister to shut up when they were talking to the people I wanted to read this book since I have seen the movie multiple times and wanted to know what might be missing since the book always holds more.


The Entity

I’d spent the summer with my godmother and was gearing up to go home. Sin duda, una historia para todos aquellos amantes del terror, que no se deben de perder.

Retrieved 25 August It was an interesting story. This movie might have been the start of parental warnings at the beginning of TV broadcasts.

Trade paper Published Sneiderman believes her apparent paranormal experiences are delusions resulting from her past psychological trauma. And then there are the faculty politics; this portion of the book is absolutely delightful. She nervously approaches to ask questions.

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She couldn’t have been pregnant by Jerry so she got pregnant by the entity. That’s what these two are looking for.

Carlotta needs help but more horror comes from the two departments. Carlotta hides everything that is happening from him.

At 1st I was a bit skeptical. A woman begins enrity experience nightly visitations from an unknown entity that she cannot see, however violently begins to rape her and toss about her home.