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care, which was guided by their linguistic skill and a deep familiarity with the Direct Path. Any errors or bloopers that remain are due to Greg. Greg Goode. 19 Jan “The direct path, the teaching first given by Shri Atmananda Krishna Written by leading non-duality author Greg Goode, After Awareness. 14 Nov Greg Goode is one of the best teachers of the extremely subtle and nuanced subject of non-duality. His main advantage is the wide base of.

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Towards the beginning of the book, you look deeply for an orange. There are many different approaches to non-dual realization. This may be the first site of its kind as it presents approaches to emptiness realization from Western sources as well as Buddhist sirect.

The Direct Path on Amazon: Thanks for telling us about the problem.

Greg Goode The Direct Path

I wrote it to be user-friendly in a modular sort of way. One often hears this, but not always.

Click here to become an email subscriber, its easy! The way non-dual inquiry is set up, it seems to lead straight to these questions. Your email address will not be published. You are taken step by step from the simple perception of a physical object all the way to the collapse of the witness into pure consciousness.


For most of us, these non-dual teachings remain as concepts and never seem to truly be experienced in the here and now. This is very comforting, as the ramifications of these teachings are so radical and contrary to what we normally believe, gdeg it may cause some anxiety at least that was my case.

Tony rated it really liked it May 21, Congratulations on your new book and new website! Want to Read saving…. Submit a Comment Cancel reply Your email address will not be published.

Want to Read Currently Reading Read. Your direct experience is nothing other than awareness itself. Pure Freedom Remains … Consciousness Transformation: You are commenting using your Grrg account.

After Awareness takes this diversity into account, treating the Direct Path as one approach among many, rather than an objectively true description of reality. What is your direct experience of the subconscious?

This book is deeply experiential, not theoretical. There is lots of resting in pure, sweet, open awareness. Are we both witnessing the same Eiffel Tower? Carole rated it it was amazing May 08, Goode takes you gently and lovingly to the end of seeking, and indeed, to the end of you as a separate, suffering entity. Create a website or blog at WordPress. His joyfully ironic deconstruction of language and the tendency of conceptual systems to assert a position of truth in opposition to other systems is most welcome, especially as we see so many expressions of modern non-duality becoming another inflexible system of thought.


The core of the book is a set of forty experiments designed to help dissolve the most common non-dual sticking points from simple to subtle. Not everyone comes from the same place when it comes to non-duality.

The Direct Path: A User’s Guide by Greg Goode – Review

Daniel Kingsley rated it it was amazing Apr 11, How to Navigate Anger Nirmala: Tattvopadesha means logically connected exposition of the path of non-dual inquiry from beginning to end. You can dip in anywhere that interests you, or go from beginning to end.

Neil Doolan rated it it was amazing Jul 03, Greg Goode recently posted a cartoon by John Spooner of two doors on a cloud. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. Jaime Boswell rated it it was amazing Oct 21, Ernie February 15, at 8: In my book, there are experiments that pacify this issue.

Ervinos rated it it was amazing Oct 26, Linty rated it really liked it Jun 20,