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The Colonel has ratings and 90 reviews. Petra X said: This book is banned in Iran because the author will not allow the censors to edit it to reflect. 1 Jul The Iranian writer Mahmoud Dowlatabadi’s book “The Colonel” has just been published in the United States even though it has not yet come. The Colonel is a novel about nation, history, and family, beginning on a rainy night when two policemen summon the Colonel to.

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I initially believed this was done on purpose to reflect the states of minds of the two narrators. There are some notes at the end of the book which I found helpful.

Yet within this near-constant evisceration of post-revolutionary Iran, Dowlatabadi maintains hope for the future, an optimism ghe finds its most consistent and potent expression in the ellipses dotting nearly every page. A second sister is married to a brutal opportunist who holds both his wife and her family in contempt. Gosh, this book is grim. At least one of you should look out for himself.

The catalyst which sets the story into motion is a knock on the door in the middle of the night. March 4, by Charles Shafaieh. It is a beautifully written but challenging read, due to its references to Persian history, although the translator, Tom Patterdale, does a superb job in providing brief footnotes throughout the book, along with colonfl excellent afterword and glossary that is dowlatabado to the average reader.

The door in question opens into the house of an unnamed colonel; the uninvited guests are two policemen who will accompany this officer to collect and bury his recently executed daughter.

Even the most sympathetic of the characters, the colonel,who is presented as a good family man, thinks nothing of honour killing in his own family and expects coloenl son to approve of his murder of his mother and the inevitable, appalling death of his 14 year old sister, not to mention the beating and subjugation of another one.


Horrific pain arises from his choices, but he ultimately has no regret for any of his actions, least of all those which facilitated the political divisions between himself and his five children. One of the great Iranian dissident novels may finally be published in Iran Iran announces a softening of book banning policies How to celebrate your author’s Nobel win Contemporary Iranian literature flourishes despite government censorship.

Mahmoud Dowlatabadi

An incredibly powerful novel about nation, history and family, The Colonel is a startling illumination of the consequences of years of oppression and political upheaval in Iran. His wife is dead by his own hand for her adultery, and three of his children have been killed, two for their anti-Islamic tendencies, and one as a martyr for the cause of the new Islamic state under Khomeini.

And we just sit back and wait for them to be turned into rods to beat our own backs I’ll keep you updated what I think about it. It was horrible in many ways, truly a nightmare. This is a very dark, non-linear, novel full of nothing but despair, but written in a style that illustrates the author’s masterful story telling skills.

Other than the language, the story is telling a retired colonel’s fate whose offspring are representing different popular and I would give it a 4. Open this book List price: Towards the end of mamhoud incarceration, Dowlatabadi said “The story of Coponel Soluch came to me all at once, and I wrote the entire work in my head.

Knock away, knock, keep on knocking, whoever you are!

The Colonel by Mahmoud Dowlatabadi |

For me this book is a brilliant description of the psychological reactions of citizens living in a society which is ripped apart by revolution. The story is tremendously popular among Iranians due to “its detailed portrayal of political and social upheaval. My full review of The Colonel can be found here: Although deeply set, cokonel gaze had a certain brilliance.

Apr 23, Tariq Mahmood rated it really liked it Shelves: The book goes through a set of e What a story and what a night!

To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. The Islamic Revolution is devouring its own children. That’s how a lot of the Islamic countries of the Middle East seem to be, all about men. Thankfully there is a sense that things might have been otherwise in this thoroughly bleak, affecting, and beautiful novel—even if it is a minor, barely discernible note among all this sorrow.


The Colonel

His volonel child, the only true survivor, is married to a sadist. View all 3 comments. His father generally spoke in the language of the great poets.

Dieses “klarkommen” wird in der Leseerfahrung wieder gespiegelt, da die Erzaehlperspektive zwischen dem Colonel, seinem Sohn Amir, der von der Geheimpolizei des Shah Regimes gefoltert wurde, und einem Erzaehler wechselt.

Great piece of work by Dowlatabadi. Iran had long been the plaything of the great powers: For more great reading Subscribe to The Literary Review We should feel sorry for our immediate neighbors, our fellow townsmen and fellow countrymen, if any of their young men should come back from the edge of immolation only half-burned, if they descend from that height only to discover the truth they have found is nothing but specious doctrine and bogus ideology.

The novel switches views between the Colonel and his eldest son, Amir, who fought as a communist in the revolution, only to see his friends and comrades purged as the Islamists consolidated power leaving Amir guilt-ridden and on the brink of suicide. Or for that same torturer to reappear later on dressed as a Mulla, now serving in the new government. The second colonel of the title — The Colonel always capitalized is a historical figure. In this book, he depicts a nation as a family.

It’s the portrayal of human nature at its most vulnerable state. He “read all the romances [available] Each of his childre Gosh, this book is grim. Today it is the official language of IranTajikistan and one of the two official languages of Afghanistan. We learn the details of their deaths and, as the story unfolds, understand that they were sacrificed.