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12 Nov This gripping debut novel, previously published by the author as an e-book, explores school bullying and power dynamics from perspectives at. Sixth-grader Eric is designated the Grunt by the holders of The Bully Book. He tries to find the book so he can change himself so that people will stop picking. 10 Oct Eric’s quest to uncover the Bully Book is genuinely suspenseful. The juxtaposition of Eric’s journal against the Bully Book allows readers to see.

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And no matter how many times I tried to defend myself and appeal to my teachers, I was the one always in trouble.

First released as an ebook and promoted by Team StarKid, it as you can see by my tumblr post beloweventually made its way to me as a physical copy. A parent should know when their child is miserable.

The reason why I think I connected so well with this book is because it covers a topic that everyone must have dealt with at some point in their lives as kids.

In a place where hormones are at first bloom, kahnn no one wants to be left out and everyone wants to be accepted, it’s not hard to see the potential for problems. In past years Eric Haskins’ had been just one of the guys This book shows how bullying is perpetuated through not only the actions of the bullies themselves, but takes into account all of the other players in the game.


I thought the ending was great. It needs a good comb-through to pick out bullg the little spelling and grammatical errors, but my personal anal-retentiveness aside, this was an enjoyable read. Click here for a list of interest-specific sites grouped by category.

And my newest book, The Wizard’s Dog, is what I imagine my lovely dog, Bowser, would be like if he was granted magic powers.

The Bully Book – Eric Kahn Gale – Hardcover

Read The Bully Book. We’ve emailed you instructions for claiming your free e-book. I feel that everyone should read this book. Three boys, one of whom was his best friend have made it their mission to make his life miserable.

THE BULLY BOOK by Eric Kahn Gale | Kirkus Reviews

I got angry, sad, happy, fearful…. Want to Read saving…. Who was booi human substitute really? This is a way of letting everyone all over the world that bullying needs to STOP.

Never once did an adult take an interest in him. I read this in one sitting.

And I am really glad that in the end he was able to stand up and do something. Unsolicited ARC was provided by the publisher for an honest review.

The Bully Book

Some people couldn’t cope with bullies so sometimes they end up taking their own lives. Bjlly at the fact that Eric was being bullied, but he turned bullying into some sort of joke.


Eric makes it his mission to find the book and put an end to the bullying. From there you can navigate to the title you are interested in. I honestly, for a large part of this book, thought that Eric was going to commit suicide from the galw that he was receiving. It will open your eyes to things you never knew before. But since I can’t do that, I’m going to do my best to put this book in as many hands as possible.

Our regular teacher was out for several weeks and the …more The story of the awful vocabulary exercises bully based on a real experience I had in fifth grade. You can tell by the writing that Eric Kahn Gale has experience in this kind of kann, because the story’s very believable and it has real emotions and real thoughts that real people would think.

They are turning the class against him and even the girl he likes is becoming more distant.


In fact, there seems to be one for pretty much every grade level starting after sixth grade. I understand that these are sixth graders, but sixth graders are not babies. Hall Is a Goofball!