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14 May The art of clear thinking. by Flesch, Rudolf Franz, Publication date Topics Thought and thinking, Reasoning. Publisher New York. The author of The Art of Plain Talk. The Art of Readable Writing and The Way to Write now turns his attention to the muddled, prejudiced mental processes that. Flesch the Art of Clear Thinking – Ebook download as PDF File .pdf) or read book online.

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The method he proposes eventually worked itself into some standard readability tests that are still used today, e.

Flesch provides tips to think more critically, especially to safeguard against those who would pull the wool over your eyes, in addition to offering idea-generating and problem-solving techniques that would be useful even in a product design environment. Through his first seven chapters, each rife with anecdotes and references he is able to validate with detailed endnotes at the end of the book, he comes up with a summary list of five points, and then ten chapters later, the list has grown to eight practical points.

Artman rated it really liked it Dec 27, Remember that bright ideas are often wrong and must be tested.

The Art of Clear Thinking by Rudolf Flesch

I found this to This book was written inand I found it to be relevant today. I thus looked up Rudolf Flesch and read about his contributions to the use of plain English in everyday life. You should read only when your own thoughts dry up, which will of course happen frequently enough even to the best heads; but to banish your own thoughts so as to take up a book thinkjng a sin against the holy ghost; it is like deserting untrammeled nature to look at a herbarium or engravings of landscapes.

The idea of pattern recognition is obvious, and yet I think that the author takes it to the next level.

Further chapters discuss ways to get more out of reading, thinking in and around the home about family and quotidian things, what kind of thinking is best at work, and, finally, he reminds the reader that thinking can be difficult, that accepting common ways of doing things even if in error is often easier.


When you get an idea, write it down. Other Book Industry Professional. Discuss the problem with others. He suggests reasons why pattern recognition is advanced by studying different types of languages and exposure to a wider variety of experiences.

Flesch advocated a return to phonics, the teaching of reading by teaching learners to sound out words. This particular chapter focuses on how to think through difficulties, and Flesch surveys the field of commentators, each having essentially the same insights about the process. Should be required reading in high school. A Book for Lawyers and Consumers. The first part of the book discusses the pattern recognition part.

Publicist or Marketing Professional. He fled to the United States to avoid the imminent invasion of the Nazis, to avoid Jewish prosecution. His comments regarding other popular literature at the time were, to me, scintillating.

The art of clear thinking

Jey Kalimuthu rated it it was amazing Jan 12, Once in America, he met Cleqr Terpenning, whom he married. It isn’t always the solution in those kind of cases for example when its more about someobodies ego than what they really believe but sometime it can be quite helpful.

I like that the end conclusion is that such ideas can come from anywhere. Is it hard for you to explain to these friends and acquaintances how to increase their awareness of tomfoolery, and to discern it from fact?

Translate the problem into plain English. The argument set forth in this book is that thought is pattern recognition plus. I highly recommend it to anyone who thinks such things are interesting. Nathan Collman rated it really liked it Jan 15, Thi Overall this was a good read and I enjoyed it!

Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. This author also wrote, “the art of plain talk,” and “the art of readable writing,” which I would love to get copies of, if you can help.

Books by Rudolf Flesch. Really gives me a different perspective on how to approach thinking about new things and new experiences. It is a pretty fine read but if you have read Taleb, Gladwell or spent a little time introspecting ov then the lessons here will thw be new.


He then moved to the United States From Wikipedia, Rudolf Flesch 8 May — 5 October was an author, readability og, and writing consultant who was an early and vigorous proponent of plain English in the United States.

Then read this book, and give a copy to all the people who seem to think one pr Do you ever get frustrated at television commercials that proclaim their product, “newer, better bigger, voted number one,” and other claims that actually mean nothing? It was on a whim that I shopped on the local eBay website when I saw one of the classic book sellers peddling a book that was more expensive than most of his other items.

There is just so much in this book that each chapter could be the source of its own book. He then moved to the Tthinking States and entered a graduate program at Columbia University, where he earned a Ph. Brett rated it really liked it Sep 13, No trivia or quizzes yet.

THE ART OF CLEAR THINKING by Rudolf Flesch | Kirkus Reviews

Nidal Amr rated it liked it Apr 20, People read them regardless of whether they contain information or misinformation; they take them as sedatives. Thinking is too hard” but it is too awesome as well. The author reaches back into history to the time of Aristotle, Plato, Archimedes, and Socrates, and compares their way of argumentative reasoning to methods developed through the ages to the mid twentieth century.

Take notes and keep files. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. This is interesting to think about given that the public education system doesn’t appear to really engage in this idea at all in its view of learning.

The author of The Art of Plain Talk. Lists with This Book.

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