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With its critical articles and poems of verse-libre kind, Ezhuthu was then creating S. THAYUMANAVAR (Tamil ; b, d), Shaivite poet, was born at. [Saint Thayumanavar claims descent from Tirumular through his Guru Mouna . Here the reference is to the four purusharthas (1) Dharma called in Tamil ‘Aram’. Thayumanavar Thayumanavar Thayumanavar or Tayumanavar, Tamil: His poems follow his own mystical experience, but they also outline the philosophy of .

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His brain thought, his heart loved, his vital liked nothing but the Divine. The friendship ripened into love; and she approached him alone one night with a pining heart, with passion-lost modesty.


Thayumanavar, like his father, supervised the local temple. He would enjoy the soul’s birth-right. Chokkallatlla would do neither. He did his duty for duty’s sake; but his heart was aloof from the i of state affairs.

The hymns of Thayumanavar are sublime music of the Soul, the song of the inner Spirits, and sparks of Divine Essence.

Thayumaavar to the end of the eighteenth century, the brave Maravas fought for national freedom and gave shelter to political refugees. So loved and revered are these spiritual poems. Learning and Yearning Everyone was attracted to this lovely child.


Thayumanavar – தாயுமானவர்

Body-consciousness was lost in the Infinite Spirit. Thayumanavar already a lover of Silence, became yet more silent.

It is She who has received back what belonged to Her. Man has a treacherous tiger in him. With a calm self-gathered inner thayumanxvar, he was prepared for the coming events.

The mundane world emanates from the Divine Will and evolves from the lowest inertia to the highest superconsciousness according to the results of acts. Kediliappa offered his own boy Siva Chidambaram in adoption to the elder brother. He wrote in silence, lived in silence and steeped himself in Divine Silence. Canto [6] – God of Compassion-Fullness-Fullness.

Enemy spies created divisions in the camp. The king felt insulted and demanded an explanation. O beginningless, endless Vastness, rare for the Vedas, rare for the different warring creeds, rare for thought and word, Thou art felt only in Silence. Now the Maharatta cannon thundered and now the Musalman powder exploded.

Swami, I gave a fine shawl for your use and you have presented it to the old hag of low caste. Words thaymuanavar not quench his thirst. Canto [5] – Obeisance to Mauna Guru. I surrender my kingdom to you.


There is no language without the first vowel A; there is no world without God’s Grace. Then it becomes a shining gold and at last a crown of divinity.

Thou hast made me realise that I am not the body, the senses, the mind, the intellect, the modes of nature, but that I am a crystal Consciousness. He is omnipotent, omnipresent. Acharya Palaniswami on Thayumanavar.

The temple is busy with crowds of devotees singing devotional songs and dancing in ecstasy. Yet, his poems transcend all sectarian boundaries.

Thayumanavars Poems Canto 1 to 14

Canto [38] – The Lady of the Universes. The grandson of Mangammal was Vijaya Ranga Chokkanatha. Books of Light and Wisdom were written long before the invention of printing.