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3rd grade independent conversation re: SLOWER THAN THE REST by Cynthia Rylant. Mariam –I jotted that I predicted Leo would have the best project. 25 Oct What do you think the theme is of this short tale? I know it is slow and stead wins the rest but I wanted to break that down better for my students. 20 Mar “Slower than the. Rest” by Cynthia. Rylant is a short story in the collection titled. Every Living Thing. “Charles” by Shirley. Jackson is a short.

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Since Leo thought Charlie was a wise turtle, the same way he thought older people were wise, Leo felt comfortable talking to Charlie. Sincerely, Ellie Reply Thomas B. When Leo has an assignment to make byy presentation on forest fires, Leo brings Charlie into school for his presentation.

cynhia Anyway this story is about a boy named leo, who finds a turtle on the highway, and his parents let him keep it. The book was amazing in my opinion. The storey is about a kid named Leo and he finds a turtle on the road.

Look them up and write their definitions. And that night he slept happy for he was a bit faster than the rest.


Every Living Thing

Then a week called Prevent Forest Fires week comes. Given these points, I learned from the story that friends can certainly help to make tough situations easier get through.

In Slower than the Rest Rext, one of the main characters is driving on a road and to his suprise stumbles upon a turtle, which he names Charlie. Leo’s project is on forest fires. This story is about a boy named Leo, who finds a turtle slower than the rest by cynthia rylant will help him a lot more than he thinks it will.

Also, I like how you didn’t do what everybody else did and you tried something different. It is the forest fire week And Leo decides that Charlie will be part of his presentation. Dear class this is a text connection Slower than the rest was a heart warming story and Rrst loved it.

Sorry if I confused you. Leo is slower than the rest. Leo is slow so he is in a special class for slow children. Everybody loved his presentation and thought it was great.

And for the first time in his life he felt fast. I am doing a Succinct Summary. Explain their bu within the story in kid-friendly language.

Submit your response in class by Friday afternoon. Dear Thomas8, I liked how you managed to fit all your information into a small space; I certainly didn’t! Kimball, Hear is my succinct summary I hope you like it.


SLOWER THAN THE REST | chlotasticwritings

Restt that I never saw the turtle again. Dear class, This is my succinct summary. He brings Charlie to school. He names the turtle Charlie, and brings Charlie to school for forest fire week. By the end of the story, Leo was a lot happier because of his friendship with Charlie the turtle. That afternoon there was an assembly on forest fires and Leo won an award for his presentation with Charlie!


On rrst forest fires week, he brings Charlie to school and tells how forest fires affect nature and hurt animals like turtles. Leo and charlie are best friends because Laos dad calls Leo slower than the rest and that is what a turtle is.

Since Leo yhan Charlie was a wise slower than the rest by cynthia rylant, the same way he thought older gylant were wise, Leo felt comfortable talking to Charlie.

A couple days later, Leo brought Charlie to school for a report on forest fires.