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Sukhmani Sahib Steek-Prof Sahib Singh-Punjabi by toshaak in Types > Books – Non-fiction, sikh history, and prof sahib singh. sikhism. Japji Sahib Steek Garab Ganjani Teeka Gurmukhi (Bhai Santokh Singh Ji). Bhai Nand Lal Granthavali. Results 1 – 16 of 37 Nitnem Tika. by Prof. Sahib Singh Japji Sahib Teeka (Hindi) Sidh Gost Steek. by Prof. Sahib Singh. Currently unavailable. Professor Sahib Singh (16 February – 29 October ) was a Sikh academic who made . Dr. Thind formatted the text of Teeka by Professor Sahib Singh to improve the use of text on the computer and for the Internet. He also made the.

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After passing the 3rd year examination, Sahib Singh was now in the 4th year.

Sahib Singh

At that time many friends and teachers advised him, not to change his extra language study, as the time left for the examination was very short 3 months only. Sign In Sign Up. He was originally named Natthu Ram by his father, Hiranand, who kept a small shop in the village. With great difficulty he reached Pasroor about 20 miles wahib his village. He had nowhere to go with virtually no money in his pocket.

Sitting at the end of the class Nathu Ram was able to reveal the mystery. His younger brother Diwan Singh, at the age of 36, met with an accident and expired in September At my request, my mother cooked food for me.

Professor Sahib Singh Ji’s Darpan (Teeka) – Gursikhi Gems – SIKH SANGAT

Consequently Guru Nanak Khalsa College, Gujranwala, relieved him before the ensuing summer vacations to save payment of his salary for the period of vacations. His wife, Agya Kaur, also met with an accident in September, and died on December 28,when she delivered a daughter.


The College was receiving a substantial amount of government subsidy. Sahib Singh was all alone in his room, no one to help him in such a state of high fever, unconsciousness, severe body aches, and body discharges. In two years timethe whole of the Holy Book was translated verballyand they started to translate Gurbani from the beginning over again.

But the boys did not know how to get their names changed in the school records. In he returned briefly to his college in Gujranwala, before quitting to join the Khalsa College at Amritsar.

List of modern Eastern religions writers List of writers on Sikhism. The Superintendent of Post Offices asked Sahib Singh, which of the language scripts were known to him. On the fourth day, he received a reply from Pandit Ji, advising him to report to dahib soon, so that he would help him xingh get admission in Dayal Singh College.

In the whole of the Rawalpindi Division, Nathu Ram attained the First position, and was awarded a scholarship of Rupees 6. As a youth, Natthu Rain was apprenticed to the village Maulawi, Hayat Shah, son of the famous Punjabi poet, Hasham, upon whom his royal patron, Ranjit Sirigh, the Maharaja of the Punjab, had settled a permanent jagir.

Inwhen he was in the ninth grade he became Amritdhari and assumed the name of Sahib Singh. This put Hari Singh in great worry. On the flip side one might argue and this is my observation too that even Amritdhari Singhs tend to learn either towards beer ras kshatriya or adhyatamik ras brahman.

At last his mother requested a sweeptress to take pity on them and give the loan. As the time passed, he was more and more attracted by the Sikh appearance. There was no money available in the shop run by his younger brothers. He would, however, calm himself that higher education was not possible for the circumstances he found himself in. I requested him to relieve me of the duties at the earliest, as I might miss the opportunity of admission in the college.


The untimely death of his father made the situation hard for him, yet he managed to enter Dyal Singh College, Lahoreand then the Government College, Lahore [5] where he obtained his bachelor’s degree.

Professor Sahib Singh

This article needs additional citations for verification. Sahib Singh’s contribution to Sikh studies and Punjabi letters received wide recognition in his wahib. Do you think that, just after lapse of one year, there is no one here, who knows you?

Nearly 50 of his works were published between and Yes the muslim has one eye and the hindi is blind making our 3rd path supreme, but Waheguru has other names such as Elohim, Allah, Ram, etc and as long as they worship The True Guru we can’t place them below us.

Sahib Singh on receipt of the letter advised Diwan Singh to handle the situation calmly, but firmly, seeking the Divine Support. Even worse the prfo had died with the rope around its neck. In no time came forth the following certificate:. Both the boys received the Amrit and became Sikhs. Nathu Ram used to exchange his views with Tulsi Ram, sijgh also developed similar views. What will they think of sikhs?

He also worked as principal at the Gurmat College, Patiala.

He served there upto Septemberwhen he was recalled to Guru Nanak Khalsa College, Gujranwala, when it re-opened duly affiliated to the Punjab University.