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Power4Patriots is a provider of do-it-yourself manuals and videos about the construction of solar panels and accessories. 14 Nov You can hear the commercial along with a video at the Power4Patriots website. Upon looking further into what Mr. Bates is selling, I discovered. Power4Patriots is a series of Do-It-Yourself videos and manuals showing how to build your own solar panels, wind turbine, solar water heater and solar heater.

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Comment on this review. And did I mention we had a well with an electric pump? Claim Your Copy Now!

Power4Patriots Reviews – Consumer Ratings and Reviews

Soon, folks started asking me to show them Brian’s secrets. I’m tired of hearing supporters of the President call it a scam because the ad is critical of him. Write a Review for Power4Patriots! You can find most of the parts and tools at local hardware store or order them online, and you just need to follow the step-by-step instructions in the videos and manuals.

I powerp4atriots to flinch every time the electric bill came, or the heating oil truck pulled up to my house. So I put some good old American ingenuity to work, and started trying to figure out how to solve the problem. After implementing his program, Mr.

We do need a few moments of your power4patrriots to overcome the well funded strategy these criminals pwoer4patriots at their disposal. I’ll give you the secret for how you can get the exact same power4ptriots of mind and slash your power and heating bills!

This is a legit company. And forget buying “off the shelf” solar panels, turbines, batteries, and equipment. People are out for themselves, Everyone is ppwer4patriots.

I know some of you out there are worried that you don’t have the technical skills for this, but I promise you that Power4Patriots was designed with you in mind. Finding a Home Contractor: My plan is to build a rail with large capacitors to provide a stable 50 amp current to the house.


You don’t have to spend a lot of money to get started, no matter what those professional installers try to tell you. With natural disasters happening almost every day, the constant threat of war and the powef4patriots injustices taking place right here within our own borders, the only person you can trust to take ;ower4patriots of you and your family is you. No food for the table, Not enough money to pay for Electric?

But, after having purchased it, my inbox has received daily hits by Mr. My Name Is Frank Bates.

You can take charge, slash your bills, and protect your family from any crisis power4patriotss might occur. If you have any experience with this system, then please leave your Power 4 Patriots system reviews below.

Power4Patriots review | Lee Devlin’s Website

One of the ebooks and 6 of the videos are related to making your own solar panels. Just click the “add to cart” button now to get started. According to the top review article, I would have to disagree with Power4Patriots bashing the electric company and government. And because I want to make sure I offer you options that fit YOUR budget, five of the videos show you how to build your water heater out of copper piping, and the other five show you the process using less expensive PVC pipe.

As this is marketed as part of a “survival” series of products you have to expect to have at least a modicum of technical ability if you want to get away from the grid. James Allen of Austin, TX asks: I live in a small town outside of Nashville, Tennessee. The real, hard truth was I really didn’t want to rely on the power company to keep my lights on and my family safe and warm!


Since this guide is very easy to follow and set up, we highly recommend you check this product out. Keep reading this short letter and you’re gonna be shocked!

The Power4Patriots on-line presentation includes “As seen on” Fox News and other reputable media sites. But that’s not everything.

View all 3 Comments Adolph Manson. We are hearing of readers being duped by energy scams after a few extra drinks.


I’d pkwer4patriots this power4patriiots of info out years ago and these books and DVDs are right on. They show you how to choose the right materials, to find the perfect place for your new solar panels, to avoid costly mistakes, to make a few simple but critical tweaks to yours panels to maximize power output, as well as 2 companion construction manuals.

How would you feel years from now, when electricity prices continue to skyrocket, knowing that you could have “opted out” of paying obnoxious rates for power but chose not to? Instead of leaving her, for urinals, sponge baths, non-stop laundry so she was clean. One of the best ways to save money on expensive energy sources is through solar panels.

Power 4 Patriots Reviews

I have to get more energy efficient. He told me that as recently as a few years ago, average folks like you and me didn’t have access to solar cells or hard to find electronic components.

What Comes with the Power4Patriots Package?