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SOLUZIONI – SOLUTIONS. 42 – attrezzature cassetti ed estrattori, equipments for drawers and pull-out baskets. 66 – colonne attrezzate, equipped tall units. Integrated solutions for contemporary cooking spaces with a culture of the project that becomes an obvious expression of a modern concept of lifestyle. Gli armadi design Poliform si integrano completamente con la scelta dell’ arredamento e rispecchiano il gusto e lo stile unici del cliente.

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Catalogs | Poliform

Artex is the kitchen with the natural design and a technological inspiration, where the purity of the metal merges with the softness of the wooden details in an absolute expression that goes beyond the contemporary, embracing the future. Geometric solids that redefine the kitchen space, enhancing the precious materials that make it.

The white and dark pine finishes are enhanced by the lights set up on the equipped panels. The minimum thicknesses define catallogo new essentiality in the relationship ppliform the vertical lines and the wide horizontal surfaces. Matrix is characterized by great volumes and wide surfaces transforming large environments in familiar and contemporary spaces.


Technically advanced solutions and components with an essential design that guarantee, even in the smallest kitchens, original compositive results. Aleadesign by Paolo Piva and Poliform, is the model that brings the kitchen back to the primary form.

The Poliform kitchen is a space that opens onto the living to express through the excellence of the materials, the exclusive finishes and cataloo precious and sophisticated details, the whole tradition and innovation that the company puts in service of unique, tailoring, exclusive proposals.

Integrated solutions to cook of a perfect functionality but still bearers of a style and of a culture of the project that becomes an obvious expression of a contemporary concept of lifestyle.

In Twelve the handle is absent, making the most of the exceptional variety of finishes and materials. Trail is the model characterized by the homonymous integrated handle, which can be positioned in the middle or at the end of the closet door. My Planet is the model which, thanks to its simplicity, interprets the widespread desire of practicality and lightness.


A contemporary taste enriched by high technical characteristics, a refined and elegant design, a representation of the Made in Italy transposed into an international dimension.

Phoenix is the proposal pooiform the purest geometries, where simplicity and rigor draw an unique aesthetics with an indispensable functionality. Its components are united by the minimum, essential thicknesses, and by the inclusion of open back cabinets.

The project has a minimal connotation, where each component is reduced to the essential forms with the aim of a faultless functionality.

Carlo Colombo, with Poliform, signs two different kitchen models: An informal kitchen with light lines, which is fully fitted to the contemporary living. Kyton is perfect for those who feel the need to follow the creativity of the moment, in a natural, enlighted and evolved space.