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Consult PMI’s entire Ball screws catalogue on DirectIndustry. Page: 1/ It has been concentrated in manufacturing of Ballscrew since then. It is PMI’s important achievement as to produce high speed Ballscrews with specially. PMI Internal Ball Series. The Internal Ball Precision Ground Ballscrew series offer superior accuracy and performance reliability. Screw Diameters: 14 – mm.

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Also the rest area next to this complete thread must be with smaller diameter than the nominal diameter of the screw shaft. Mono Stage C9 F. End cap and wiper are one-piece make the shortest length of nut. It’s highly involved in manufacturing of ballscrews, linear guideway and mono stage, which is the critical component of precision machinery and mainly applied to Machine Tool, Electric Discharging Machine, Cutting Wire Machine, Plastics Injection Machine, Semi-conductor Equipment, Precision Orientation Equipment and other equipments and machines.

Introduction of Each Series Open the catalogue to page Based on the above descriptions, To provide world class levels of service, quality and learning through our innovative business philosophy, that is integral to all PMI’s transmission components and services.

PMI Ballscrews are Alloy steels, which are well quenching and tempering treated for good rigidity, along with suitable surface hardening to ensure long durability.

Accumulated reference lead deviation. This is obtained by least Purchase energy-saving products, improve the design of the energy performance. External circulation system, it don’t need to have at least once end with complete thread to the end of ballscrew for ballnut assemble to screw shaft. A straight line representing the tendency of the cumulative actual lead. It is strictly required that there is at least cayalogue end of screw shaft with complete threads.


Open the catalogue to page 4.

Ball screws – PMI – PDF Catalogue | Technical Documentation | Brochure

Recent years, PMI Group places great emphasis in upgrading not only the manufacturing and quality of products but also the manpower. To meet or exceed regulatory levels for emission and waste control, within a labor-friendly work environment that utilizes the latest energy reduction technology to Lead deviation in random mm.


Offer smooth ball circulation to improve lifetime and reduce noise level. The advantage of internal ball circulation nut is that the outer diameter is smaller than that of external ball circulation nut.

By reducing pollution and continually improving our energy usage performance, PMI can simultaneously minimize accidents and sickness whilst achieving regulatory compliance. Static Permissible Moments C11 H. Total relative lead variation Maximum width of variation over the travel length. Lead Accuracy and Torque 2. Hence it is suitable for the machine with limit space for ballscrew installation. The Online Industrial Exhibition.

The specially designed pathway makes a ball circle diameter BCD into the return tube by tangency direction to match the direction of lead angle. We promise and are devoted to implement the following environmental and energy policies: This is allowable deviation of specified travel.


The conventional type of ballnut of the external circulation ballscrews ,using return tube circulation system, Offers better solution and quality for general lead or large diameter ball screws. It covers the whole production sequence, from receiving the order, designing, material preparation, machining, heat treating, grinding, assembling, inspection, packaging and delivery.

Open the catalogue to page 2.

Nomenclature of ballscrew 9. It is decided by both of the accuracy grade and effective thread length. The Procedure of Select Linear Guideway Every department participates preserving our environment, energy awareness, and the prevention of injuries, diseases and the reduction of energy consumption.

PMI Internal Ball Series

This value is determined by customer and maker as it depends on different application requirements. Design of Screw Shaft A40 3. The rated dynamic load has been increased to as two times as that of conventional type, FSVC.

End cap series use the through hold which crosses both end of nut to consist a close loop. Hollow Cooling System of ballscrews A The special design of ballnut, so the size of ballnut is the same as internal circulation system of ballnut, Space saving. Open pmu catalogue to page 5. In addition to comply with requirement of quality management system,