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Pure War. Paul Virilio & Sylvère Lotringer. Semiotext(E) () Pure and Impure in the Philosophy of Giorgio Duschinsky – – Telos: . A Review Play on Paul Virilio/ I Sylvere Lotringer,. Pure War. SILVIA FEDERICI. GEORGE CAFFENTZIS. The following is the transcript of a tape we received. 13 Feb According to Paul Virilio, a man who knows more about the military apparatus than most men We’re in a state of Pure War more specifically.

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Trivia About Pure War semiotext.

The Accident of Art. Sign in to use this feature. View my complete profile. Jan 21, Levent rated it really liked it. Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. Links Archidose Archinect Architecture. After having been a longtime resident of the city of Paris, he moved vlrilio La Rochelle. Other books in the series.

In the past year or so I’ve become fascinated by the way several different things seem to find their way into our daily lives whether we notice them or not. Brad Frazier – – Journal of Religious Ethics 32 3: Virilio points out that the foundations of the world around us are entwined in virilii fabric of war, or that is to say, they are virulio fabric of the war we exist in.

He noted that the speed at which something happens may change its essential nature, and that which moves with speed quickly comes to dominate that which is slower.

Pure War (semiotext by Paul Virilio

Virilio argues that democracy takes time and with the ever shrinking world this time has been erased. Virilio was also an urbanist. Virilio connects the scale at which we fight to our ability of deterrence.

First published inthis book introduced Virilio’s thinking to the United States. This section does not cite any sources.


Paul Virilio

But if the logic of deterrence assumes a certain humanity of the other, what happens when the enemy is no longer a great power but a network of terrorist cells? Virilio developed what he called the “war model” of the modern city and of human society in general and is the inventor of the term ‘dromology’, meaning the logic of speed that is the foundation of technological society.

Karl Marx[1] Guy Debord [2]. Ben Gwalchmai rated it puure was amazing Jan 05, Semiotext e, p. His work is full of clear insights on subjects that are both exigent and morally vital. This is crucial to him because it is the time of democracy that will save us in the event of catastrophe. Paul Guyer – – Kantian Review 17 3: Virilio won’t dwell on the same topic for more than 2 paragraphs, vvirilio there’s certainly an aspect of lightning assault on our intellection machine.

Pure War (semiotext

For Virilio, the foremost philosopher of speed, the “technical surprise” of World War I was the discovery that the wartime economy could not be sustained unless it was continued virolio peacetime. Gavin Reeve – – Philosophy 45 The “war was his university”. In this dazzling dialogue with Sylvere Lotringer, Paul Virilio for the first time displayed the whole range of his reflections on the effect of speed on our civilization and every one of them has been dramatically wwar over the years.

From this angle, the Accident can be mentally pictured as a sort of “fractal meteorite” whose impact is prepared in the propitious darkness, a landscape of events concealing future collisions. First, it is smaller in physical size damage, casualties, etc Sheikh Tajamul rated it really liked it Feb 18, Published October 1st by Semiotext e first published January 1st For Virilio and Lotringer’s commentary on the importance of speed an absolutely brilliant reformulation of speed as a producer of powerthe underdevelopment of civil society and the civil economy by the “necessities” wzr military production a different and better understanding of the military industrial complexthe automation and acceleration of war how split second decisions made ppaul computers could kill us allhow peace is waged, and his conception of state terrorism the “fracturation” of warthis accessible work is undoubtedly important.


In he became Director of Studies.

Pure war / Paul Virilio, Sylvere Lotringer ; translated by Mark Polizotti – Details – Trove

His major works include War and CinemaSpeed and Politics and The Information Bomb in which he argues, among many other things, that military projects and technologies drive history. Thinking with VirilioRoutledge,p.

But this gets a bit away from the project at hand. Faculty page at European Graduate School. Science Logic and Mathematics. Pure War can still happen, of course, but it is increasingly fading into strategic irrelevance.

Refresh and try again. InVirilio conducted a phenomenological inquiry into military space and the organization of territory, particularly concerning the Atlantic Wall —the 15, Nazi bunkers built during World War II along the coastline of France and designed to repel any Allied assault. In the same way I’m also interested in the way we survive and like any good architect, I tend to wonder about all of this in terms of the built world and design.

I think the point that you end with about the diminution of the scale of war and the individual as the last territory of battle is exactly where Virilio gets a bit unraveled.