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Overleef de kredietcrisis; Willem Middelkoop. 2 likes. Book. : Overleef de kredietcrisis () and a great selection of similar New, Used and Collectible Books available now at great prices. Subsequent publications were “De permanente oliecrisis” (The permanent oil crisis) – , “Overleef de kredietcrisis” (Surviving the credit crisis) – , “ Goud.

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Willem Middelkoop

I am talking about boycotting all oil destined for China because of some blown up bogus reason like human rights. Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. You can disagree but please no name calling here… That is a discussion with a low standard.

He predicted the credit crisis in his first bestseller in This book is not yet featured on Listopia. Ah i see, i already thought you saw that more clearly. Please keep it civilized Harry.

It is not a one way street, but the East is winning this battle for sure by a long shot. The MSM spins it like China is almost bankrupt but let me burst your bubble China is doing fine a billion times better then we do here, it is just one big distraction from the Wests own massive and unsustainable debt problems.

True but you have to realize that the elite behind these puppet politicians kredietcrixis a unity, like China and Russia. Do you really think the Chinese give any official numbers or that they disclose private ownership the Chinese are the biggest holders of gold kredistcrisis with the Arabians, the west is seriously depleted of all gold and especially most governments and central banks are totally insolvent, they leased out all their gold to private parties and most offical numbers of western central banks still have all that leased gold added to their holdings also.

Chris rated it liked it Nov 26, The east hold all the cards most of you only reason with your western bs indoctrinated tiny little brains, Russia punked the west on Syria and every other failure they clearly shown who is boss.


Because that link gold-currency is now broken. I understand, I apologize if I rushed to judgement it is very emotional to me because I see so many friends and family struggle daily there are so much of them I can not support kreduetcrisis all that I almost feel bad for making money myself and making ends meet.

The Big Reset, Part 1

Again we will find out. The only investment you should make is in physical gold and silver. As you know Chinese Central Dd Governor Zhou Xiaochuan advocated a new worldwide reserve currency system as early as It is demotivating and upsetting to see your family and friends go down under not being able to keep their heads above water anymore losing their homes, pensions and savings they worked their whole life for.

A Russian adventure into timber exports shortly after the implosion of communism during the s, ended in failure.

In the following yearns I experienced that investing in junior mining and exploration companies who worked on new discoveries delivered the best results. You make some good points but in the end concessions will have to be made on both sides.

Militairy might gimme a break please what are they going to do invade China throw a nuke on it GTFO kid dream on dream on. I hope you can drop a visit here more often.

Overleef de kredietcrisis by Willem Middelkoop

Fair point, we will see how it will play out. Proud of my country yes. Hans De kort added it Jun 11, Oredietcrisis does depress me but when I am off from my trading day I will share my profits I made from commodity trading with my friends and family in need, I will feel good about that.

We have the best work ethic on the planet as far as I am concerned with the best technology kreduetcrisis anywhere. I figure you see much poverty and misery there too, south of Europe is kind of the same except it ovefleef a concrete jungle.

Federal Reserve suddenly announces that the original ten old U. Besides his work as an independent journalist, he started to focus more on business opportunities. Do China and Japan have the same debt problems like the western countries?


Zoellick explained an updated gold standard could help retool the world economy at a time of serious tensions over currencies and U.

Willem Middelkoop

An dregard it simply as tradition or is it more likely another smoke krediegcrisis and they have no other option than call it that way right now.? I am trading commodities and posting on this page in between trading sessions but I just posted here yesterday for the first time after I read the article.

I better start listening to you and relocate to China to work as assistant-peasant on a farm or a hour-day factory-slave at Foxconn to escape the horrors of my oh-so-impoverished home continent and finally afford some food. So it has a strength and confidence that people trust. Ben Geudens marked it as to-read Apr 24, Jelle Klein Teeselink rated it liked it Mar 10, Do you really think China represents the cute panda illustrated on the Yuan, you are dealing with a tiger my friend and you are locked into a barrel with this beast make no mistake about it.

Did you get this one http: It is just unethical what is happening and there will be serious consequences for everyone who made it overlef for this abuse and exploitation to find place on such a large scale in a so called advanced civilized western continent.

I See silver rising in lock step with gold. Exactly, it amazes me how some westerners here are still so full of themselves and think there is any role for them in the monetary system except that of a debt slave, while their as insolvent as one can be.

The awareness is spreading like a virus, Europe is on the brink of a revolt. Additional proof of the Chinese knowledge kgedietcrisis the gold price suppression can be found in message leaked by Wikileaks from the American Embassy in Peking about a Chinese newspaper report:.