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5. me perteneces (amantes perversos)- Shayla Black. Shayla Black -Serie Guardaespaldas/Amantes Perversos Me Perteneces. 2 Oct Buy Me perteneces by Shayla Black, María José Losada Rey (ISBN:) from Amazon’s Book Store. Everyday low prices and free delivery on.

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Black totally hit this one out of the park. Logan will make your toe curls, your body tingle, and your eyes roll back. When Tara shaylx paired with Logan for training she fights it with all she has. First, the emotions seemed all wrong.

Belong to Me (Wicked Lovers #5) by Shayla Black

Logan is not just that hottie alpha male that has a killer body and smile but this character is fleshed out so skillfully that you forget that he is a character and believe he is in fact real.

He should have spent time writing or thinking out scenarios.

I’m already left hot and bothered while challenging my own personal bounderies If he didn’t mean that much to you, you wouldn’t be turned on by him, and it would hella awkward to be so intimately involved with him on a case.

The sexual and shayls tension between Logan and Tara is unceasing after their first touch.

Her focus is learning what she needs to know so she can rescue her friend. View all 8 comments. But giving sex to the Sub? When the killer threatened Tara’s life View all 9 comments. I loved Hunter but I adored Logan. Hit the fast-forward button and twelve years later, Logan finds the sassy redhead in his territory. With the perfect balance between romance and suspense, I found myself reading me perteneces shayla black and slower to savor the moment.

That part of the story seemed to wrap up pretty quickly, especially considering the revelations that came out as a result at the missions end. He uses his professionally trained emotional disconnect not only in the field but also in the dungeon. Both characters have been a mess since their breakup twelve years ago.


After a hit and run accident that left Tara with a broken arm, Logan had no doubt believing her life was in danger.

Logan has been my favorite so far in Shayla’s Wicked Lovers Series although I really am digging Xander bk7 and can’t wait for Tyler’s book bk6. Until he sees the woman he loves, Tara in Dominion, training to be a submissive for her first FBI assignment.

Then she got her first field assignment. This book can easily be read as a stand alone, even though it is part of a series. His possessive yet tender nature was refreshing and at times heartbreaking when he had doubts that Tara would ever trust him blzck.

No doubt about those Bpack boys, they are nothing if not delectable. He actually went to school the next morning and had a stronger response to his girlfriend not showing up for class than having lost his mom in a horrific manner just hours prior. That is not snayla.

I am ready for the ride!

Belong to Me

So the bottom line is, I can overlook shoddy storylines for great characters or intense dynamics or even a cheaper price, but alas, it isn’t here. He is seriously everything I want! I can’t believe that every man that is a Dom is either a Navy Seal, a Ranger or a FBI Agent and every sub is a woman who waiting to prove herself to her bosses about letting her go into the field to save a friend or bust up a cartel.

Logan realizes this assignment is his opportunity to prove his love to Tara and fill the nagging emptiness that has consumed his life since their parting all those years ago.


At 16, they were in love and Tara had given up her virginity to Logan.


Shayla currently lives in North Texas with her wonderfully supportive husband, her daughter, and two spoiled tabbies. View all 39 comments. I have to admit I knew who the bad guy was as soon as that person first shows up in the book, but the storyline was still pretty suspenseful, I did not see the extent of the bad guys’ involvement in the plot, and especially towards the end, it was action packed, with lots of unexpected twists and turns.

Hit the fast-forward button and twelve years later, Logan finds the sassy redhead in his territory. Simply put, Logan was a dream and I never wanted to wake up Me perteneces shayla black is great focus on the rebuilding of the relationship between Tara and Logan and the suspense of the missing FBI agent kind me perteneces shayla black takes a back seat. This story was beyond what I had imagined it could have ever been.

I hate to say it but it seems that is becoming a trend that many authors are falling into, except Cherise Sinclair, that one, or both, the hero and heroine are some kind Navy Seal, Military personnel or Law Inforcement agent investigating some kind of international crime like drug running or white slavery that is being run out of a BDSM club; which gives the impression that only criminal acts happen at BDSM clubs.

Now Xander, he is quite the character. The only real sounding Dom was the ,e in the park.