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Editorial Reviews. Review. `It was not only the ripping-yarn action of the stories and the Kindle Store; ›; Kindle eBooks; ›; Crafts, Hobbies & Home. This title is. The presence of a man-eating tiger in the Indian province of Naini Tal spread fear and panic throughout the impoverished rural community. This tigress had. Corbett’s description of his campaign against the man-eaters of the Kumaon Hills shows the qualities that a successful shikari needs, physical strength, infinite.

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As the grey dawn was lighting up the snowy range which I was facing, I rested my head on my drawn-up knees, and it was in this position my men an hour later found me fast asleep; of the tiger I had neither heard nor seen anything.

Crossing the road we went down a very steep ridge, keeping a sharp lookout to right and left, but saw nothing. The rest of the party escaped, some by climbing trees and others by showing a clean pair of heels. I was careful in the selection of a tree on this second night, and was rewarded by an undisturbed night’s rest. Having signalled to Robin to carry on along our original line, we went past the lantana bush, in which he showed no interest, to a channel washed out by rain-water.

Man-Eaters of Kumaon by Jim Corbett – Download link

The review must be at least 50 characters long. This is not the place to give the names of the jungle folk on whose alarm-calls the sportsman depends, to a great extent, for his safety and knowledge of his quarry’s movements; for in a country in which a walk up or down hill of three or four miles might mean a difference in altitude of as many thousand feet the variation in fauna, in a well-stocked area, is considerable. I am not going to hazard any theories about shock, and counter-shock, for I know nothing of these matters.

My companion on the rock was very relieved to see me. His way led over the previous day’s blood trail, and while still a mile from the spot where kymaon tiger had been left, the leading man, who incidentally was the local shikari, walked on to the wounded tiger and was killed.

A skilled tracker, he preferred to hunt alone and on foot, sometimes accompanied by his small dog Robin. A cub will eat whatever its mother provides, and I have even known of tiger cubs assisting their mothers to kill human beings: Hurriedly grounding the butt of the rifle I put two fingers on the triggers, raising my head as I did so, and saw a little earth from the fifteen-foot bank in front of me, come rolling down the steep side and plop oc the pool.


That he would have a hard time in collecting the men I had no doubt, for the fear of the man-eater had sunk deep into the countryside and more than mild persuasion would be needed to make the men leave the shelter of their homes.

The Tahsildar had let it be known that he would turn a blind eye towards all unlicensed fire-arms, and further that he would provide ammunition where required; and the weapons that were produced that day would have stocked a museum. For twenty-five or thirty yards the desperate and unequal race continued, and just as the leopard was within reach of Robin, it unaccountably swerved and disappeared into the valley, while Robin circled round a shoulder of the hill and rejoined us on the road. With an OverDrive account, you can save your favorite libraries for at-a-glance information about availability.

When shooting on foo’t, it is very much easier to kill an animal outright than when shooting down on it from a machan, or from the back of an elephant.

At ten o’clock the Tahsildar and one man turned up, and thereafter ebok men eaterrs in twos, and threes, and tens, until by midday two hundred and ninety-eight had collected. Beyond this was a bed of nettles through which the tigress had gone, and I was looking for a way round this obstruction when I heard footsteps behind me.

Man-eaters of Kumaon

Bears are very quarrelsome when feeding, and sleep was impossible until they had eaten their fill and moved on. Making an early start, I breakfasted at Dhunaghat, and completed the journey to Champawat by sunset. By evening the crop from five large fields had been gathered, leaving only two small patches close to the houses, which the Headman said he would have no difficulty in dealing with the next day.

These full-grown animals were of no use to me, but knowing that refusal to accept them would give offence, I thanked the old lady and assured her I would draw on her for bait as soon as I had used up the four young male buffaloes I had brought with me from Naini Tal.

Full text of “Man Eaters Of Kumaon”

We spent the summer on the hills, and on our annual migra- tion to the foothills in November, at the end of a long fifteen- mile march as we turned a sharp corner, one of a big troop of langurs jumped ebpok the hillside and crossed the road a few inches in front of Robin’s nose. The branch showed the des- peration with which the unfortunate woman had clung to it, for adhering to the rough oak bark where the branch, and eventually the leaves, had slipped through her grasp were strands of skin which had been torn from the palms of her hands and fingers.


Both weapons were suitably engraved and will be handed down as heirlooms in the respective families. When a wounded animal, be he leopard or tiger, makes a headlong charge and fails to contact he invariably carries on and does not return to the attack until he is again disturbed. The Tahsildar excused 14 Man-eaters of Kumaon himself to attend to some urgent work at Champawat, and said he would return to the bungalow in the evening and stay the night with me. The cracks and chasms between the rocks were masked with ferns and blackberry vines, and a false step, which might easily have resulted in a broken limb, would have been fatal.

The hill in front of me, rising to a height of some two thousand feet, was clothed in short grass with a pine tree dotted here eboook there, and eatere hill to the east was too precipitous for The Champawat Man-eater 2i anything but a ghooral to negotiate.

The man fell across the tree, and as he had removed his coat and shirt and the tigress had clawed his back when killing him, it is possible that the smell of the blood trickling down his body as he hung across the bole of the tree first gave her the idea that he was something that she could satisfy her mn with.

Over wide areas of the United Provinces the authors name is eatefs to the village folk as that of the man who has brought them relief from the great fear inspired by a cruel and malignant presence in their midst.

Dropping on hands and knees, and pushing the rifle before me, I crawled through the bracken to the shelter of the rocks, paused a minute to regain my breath and make quite sure the rifle was loaded, and then climbed the rock. His father was postmaster there. Another popular belief in connexion ebooo man-eaters is that the cubs of these animals automatically become man-eaters.

The stress of circumstances is, in nine cases out of ten, wounds, and in the tenth case old age.