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I decided to produce this report following the conviction that nothing The Malawi “Capital Hill Cash-Gate Scandal” (named after the seat of. Story by Shaun Raviv in Lilongwe, Malawi. Additional reporting, translating and fixing by Golden Matonga. Illustrations by Andrew Berry. visited July 9, ) [hereinafter BBC Cashgate Report] (on file with the Dependence, Donor Withdrawal: Implications of Malawi’s Cashgate.

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Capital Hill Cashgate Scandal or “Cashgate” is a financial scandal reprt looting, theft and corruption that happened at Capital Hillthe seat of Government of Malawi.

Nonetheless, the opposition is also tainted by corruption allegations and we maintain our view that she will secure a new mandate, also helped by the benefits of incumbency. Skip to main content Web bot Register Log in.

Staff not paid and not motivated. Retrieved 30 October This article has multiple issues. The scandal first came to light in Septemberwhen an accounts assistant in the Ministry of Environment was found with several thousand dollars USD in his car. Incomplete and doctored records: A pilot project was launched in five ministries, but was met by many problems, resulting in the termination of the contract with the first supplier.


Impact on the forecast The report will cause further embarrassment for the president, Joyce Banda, ahead of the May elections. Please help improve it or discuss these issues on the talk page. President Joyce Banda’s administration maintained that the looting was made possible because of loopholes in the IFMIS, and also suggested that Mphwiyo may have been shot by the scandal’s perpetrators because he was on the verge of busting a corruption syndicate.


In November,after signs that Cashgate-related corruption extended beyond the term of the British government’s audit, the German government initiated another audit to review potential theft dating back tounder then-President Bingu wa Mutharika.

Nalawi week later, on 13 September, Paul Mphwiyo, Budget Director in Malawi’s Ministry of Finance, was shot by armed men who were waiting for him just outside the gate of his house in Lilongwe Area The specific problem is: This report also detailed civil servants, companies, banks, Ministries and other individuals and organizations involved in illicit Cashgate transactions.

Retrieved 10 Caxhgate In OctoberBaker Tilly provided the Government of Malawi with a confidential report summarizing individual case files from its original audit. Archived from the original on 20 November The second report demonstrated that Osward Lutepo — who was linked to several businesses implicated in Cashgate — was the primary beneficiary of the scandal, along with a number malawii other businessmen.

Suspect in Mphwiyo shooting saga”. Steve Sharra, Global Voices.

Audit report confirms widespread fraud

By December civil society groups were protesting against the government’s handling of the scandal, saying the government was not doing enough to get to the bottom of the matter, and to finalise the investigation. Retrieved 10 November On 11 OctoberNorway froze all budget support to Malawi.


Forecast updates Analysis Forecast Charts and tables Additional subscription required. This article needs attention from an expert on the subject. In turn, cheques are raised for feport to suppliers and others which are then printed on Reserve Bank of Malawi RBM cheques.

A second type of fraud, which resulted in estimated losses of around MK7.

That same year, a peer-reviewed article in November identified 21 issues that needed to be resolved for the IFMIS to work properly. In the meantime, the government’s hopes of an early resumption caxhgate aid have been dealt a severe blow.

EIU Concierge

Several donor countries have since suspended foreign aid funding to Malawi as the scandal is cashgatee. The government of Malawi soon recognized that the IFMIS was vulnerable to misuse and corruption and commissioned Soft-Tech Consulting Limited — the software solutions technology company that initially implemented the IFMIS — to investigate any illegal exploitation of the system.

Relevant discussion may be found on the talk page.

Due to the vast sums that pass through government bank accounts, it is important that PFM systems be robust and effective at managing government funds be they raised from taxes, donors, dividends, etc.