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Sulekha Creative Blog – Maharashtra has many a fort nestled amidst the imposing Sahyadri range of mountains. Chatrapati Shivaji Maharaj captured many of. Indian Glories tells you about hill forts of Maharashtra. Some of them are impressive for their architecture and others double up as trekking destinations. “Forts In Maharashtra” -Provides: * Popular Forts In Maharashtra(India) * Details About Forts *Also Can Know How To Reach At Forts “Forts In Maharashtra”.

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One of the more famous forts in Maharashtra, the Panhala Fort was the battleground in many wars, the most famous being the Battle of Pavan Khind.

The fort complex contains a temple of Lord Ganesh and some stone ruins along with sister fort Irshalgad.

Top 21 Magnificent Forts of Maharashtra You Must Visit

Maharasgtra Fort Prabalgad Fort is also known as Kalavantin Durg,located between Matheran and Panvel and known as one of the most beautiful abandoned places in India. The fort is a popular trekking destination around Pune and Mumbai ,noted for the large doors,Satvahan caves and Trimbakeshwar Mahadev temple. Inside the fort, one can see a few chapels that lie in ruins and a few beautiful carvings on the inner walls of the fort. Despite it being attacked by the British, the fort today is still intact.

It often maharashtrra hands until the British took over it completely.

mahaarshtra The Tikona fort is also a popular trekking destination among the people of Pune and Mumbai. Considered to be the birthplace of Shivaji Maharaj, the Shivneri Fort holds high esteem in Maratha and Maharashtrian history.


Top 21 Magnificent Forts of Maharashtra You Must Visit

Maharashtra has many a fort nestled amidst the imposing Sahyadri range of mountains. This is one of the most important forts in Maharashtra. A visit to the Prabalgad fort is only suitable for experienced trekkers as the climb to the fort is very difficult. Inside the fort, there is a massive chhatri, an elevated, dome-shaped pavilion that now lies in ruin.

Torna Fort or Prachandagad is a large fort located in Pune district in the state of Maharashtra, India.

The 20 Most Stunning Forts in Maharashtra

The Daulatabad Fort is famous for its design. The fort earned the name Eastern Gibraltar, as it was almost impossible to conquer. This fort has had quite a long history,was strategically built to provide natural protection, Its one of the most popular place to visit during the monsoon in weekend near Pune. For some youngsters, the dancing light From the fort you can see panoramic views of the Jejuri village. The other is the famous Ambabai Temple, believed to be where Shivaji used to offer prayers before going on expeditions.

Here, you can also get to see the ruins of the Chini Mahal and a long ascending tunnel. The hill fort of Torna is amongst the tallest forts near Pune and was the first fort captured by Shivaji Maharaj. Rajmachi is a small village in the rugged mountains of Sahyadri and The fortification at Rajmachi consists of two forts, Shrivardhan fort and Manaranjan Fort.

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It is a great spot for photography. Tung Fort is a prominent landmark and offers magnificent view of near by Lohagad, Visapur, Tikona and Korigad forts. Vasota fort located near Bamnoli in Satara and offers spectacular view of Nageshwar peak and Shivsagar lake created by Koyna backwaters. You can either rent a private boat for Rs. To gain access to some points at the fort, there are a few ladders installed. Just like it is with other forts in Maharashtra, the Suvarnadurg has a dry moat encircling the structure.

There is another gate at the east end; however, to get through the gate, you have to pass through thorny bushes.

InShivaji captured this fort at the age of sixteen, thus making it one of the first forts in what would become the Maratha empire. The fort is now a favorite destination for paragliders and trekkers and has a National Cadet Corps Academy. Noteworthy sites inside the fort are its large doors, the Trimbakeshwar Mahadev temple and the the Satvahan caves.

The Tung Fort is well known for its conical and oval shape and as a trail for experienced trekkers. At the site of Balekilla there is big gate called the Dilli Darwaza that is a great spot for photography.