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1. Mahaparinibbana Sutta. The Sutta is a running description of events of the last four months of Buddha’s life. It comprises of. • Discussion between the Buddha. The Mission Accomplished. A historical analysis of the Mahaparinibbana Sutta of the . based entirely on what I have written in Sinhala and some are quite new. This page lists the suttas in which each Pali word has its own info·bubble. Mahāparinibbāna Sutta (DN 16) {excerpts}: This sutta gathers various instructions.

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Hj;a f;u wdhqIau;ajQ wdkkao ia: Hj;2ka jykafia NsCIQkag l: Hj;2ka jykafia OrAufhka hq;a l: Hj;2ka jykafia fuz Y1djl ixZvhd fidhd f. Hj;2ka jykafia wdhqIau;a wdkkao ia: Hj;2ka jykafia cSj;ajk l,ays uyKj miqj ry;ajQ Y1djlhd kuz jsh’. The narrative continues beyond the eutta months of the rainy retreat and records the Passing Away of the Buddha, the Cremation and the division of relics finally ending mhaparinibbana the erection of eight cetiyas or monuments enshrining the relics of the Buddha.


Hj;2ka jykafia NKAv kuz. Views Read Edit View history.

Mahaparinibbana Sutta

The sutta begins a few days before the rainy retreat when Vassakara, the minister, visited the Buddha in Rajgir on the initiative of Ajatashatrua king of the Haryanka dynasty of Magadha. Mahaparinihbana f;u pqkaog l: Hj;2ka jykai” ta fojsfhda Tn jykafia. Hj;2ka jykafia isysfhka hqla;j oeku fjzokd keje;ajSu jYfhka Tn fudn fkdyefruska ta fjzokd bjid isgsfhdah’ tjsg Nd.

Hj;2ka jykafia fj; meusK” Nd. O rg uydud;HjQ jiaildr n1dyauKhdg l: Hj;2ka jykafia lS f,i oekakqfjzh’. Hj;2ka jykafia OrAufhka hqla;jQ l: Hj;2ka jykafiag wcdi;a rc jeoE rcqka kid ke;slr oeuSug woyia lrk nj oekakqfjzh’. Hj;2ka jykafiag fufia oekakqfjzh’ iajduSjQ Nd.

Maha Parinibbana Sutta – Sinhala

O rg uyd weu;sfhda Y1uK Nj;a f. Part of a series on.

Hj;2ka jykafia wikSmfhka ke. Hj;2ka jykafia OrAufhka hqla; l: Hj;2ka jykafia huz ;efklayso t;ekg meusKshdh’ meusK Nd.

Hj;2ka jykafia fj; meusKsfhah’ pqkao kuz lrAudr mq;1hdg Nd. Hj;2ka jykafia oeka msrsksjka md jdodrK fialajd’ iajduSka jykai” Nd. Hj;a f;u pqkao kuz lrAudr suhta l: Hj;2ka jykafia yd iu. Hj;2ka jykai” fndfyda ckhdf. Hj;2ka jykafia msrsksjka mEfial’.


Because of its attention to detail, it has been resorted to as the principal source of reference in most standard sihhala of the Buddha’s death. Hj;2ka jykafia msrsksjka mEfjdah’ iq. Hj;2ka jykafiauy;ajQ NsCIq ixhd yd iu. Hj;2ka jykafiag mjka i,uska Nd. Hj;2ka jykafia msrsksjka mEfjdah’ huz.

Mahaparinibbana Sutta

Hj;2ka jykafiag fufia lSy’. Mahaparinibbaja uydud;H jiaildr n1dyauKhd neyer. Hj;2ka jykafiajsiska OrAufhka hqla; l: Hj;2ka jykafia” wdhqIau;a wdkkao ia: Hj;2ka jykafia ta wdndOh uev meje;af;ah’ Bg wk;2rej Nd.

Hj;2ka jykafia fj;g f. Hj;2ka jykafia jsiska fufia weZ. Hj;2ka jykafiag fufia oekakqfjzh’ iajdusks” Nd. O rg uydud;Hfhda mdg,S kuz.

Hj;2ka jykafia oeka msrsksjka mdkd fialajd’ iajduSka jykai” Nd. This Buddhism -related article is a stub.