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In this follow-up to our Maglite LED product line review, we will be featuring the recently released Maglite XL LED flashlight! This is. A revolutionary breakthrough in flashlight technology, designed for optimum light output, the new MAGLITE® XL™LED flashlight delivers user-friendly. Buy Maglite XL LED Flashlight featuring LED Lamp, 83 Lumens Powered by 3 AAA Alkaline Batteries. Review Maglite.

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The XL has a larger hotspot and is a bit nicer than the 2AA.

MagLite XL100 LED Flashlight – Red

I agree with R. The output of the XL is a nice increase from the 2AA light, maglitw it is definitely adequate for most tasks. I bought this xl few years back in ashop i was working in. The Light Head The head features a plastic window and a deep smooth reflector. My trick for using the different settings in the dark maglute simple and works great. Automatically dims to a low setting Signal Mode: The switch is simple enough for anyone to use, but can also be completely ignored if multi-mode is not your thing.

October 8, at After flipping the batteries and inserting the carrier backwards, I noticed that the tail cap would not screw on all the way, and the light does not turn on. Normal With the light horizontal and the DIM label at the top, press and maglit the switch. None of the other features i.

An accelerometer drives the interface, and the different modes are clearly marked. Signals international morse code SOS Powered xxl100 3 AAA Alkaline batteries producing over 5 hours of burn time Beam xl00 be adjusted from a spot to flood light Sleek, tactical designed aluminum alloy case is corrosion resistant, durable, and weather resistant Push-button tail cap switch has a lockout feature to prevent the light from turning on by accident.


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The ends are clearly marked to show which side of the battery goes where, and the carrier is marked with an arrow on the side, showing which end goes in the light first. August 24, at 4: The XL is the first Maglite to feature a push-button tail cap switch, and this is no ordinary tail cap switch.

Wish there was a lanyard ring or holster for it. Extremely well built light. Tail Cap The XL is the first Maglite to feature a push-button tail cap switch, and this is no ordinary tail cap switch. Only works when tail cap is pressed in. This is arguably one of the most anticipated, as well as innovative flashlights released recently. Write a review bvvrwvefvcda. As always, the light is easy to grip and will not easily slide out of your grip.

If full brightness is all you need, you can safely ignore the markings on the tail cap and skip to the next section of this article. The entire light is type-II anodized aluminum inside and out. Nite Lite This is one of the most interesting modes of this light.

May 14, at 5: With the light horizontal and the DIM label at the top, press and hold the switch. The strobe can go as low as a slow flash of about once per second. I got mine, but I must admit, I had to hit the web to figure out how to work it.

No Longer Available Update Location close.

Maglite XL Flashlights | eBay

The instructions packed with the light are way inadequate! Our sample XL with serial number XX has identical output as the Zl100, so we can say that if the serial number on your XL is greater thanyou have the new emitter. I always know that the strobe is on top. Click the button to disengage. That, unfortunately, could completely destroy your night vision, so the decision to make Nite Lite independent of the brightness x,100 has me puzzled.


mwglite Now that i know how to adjust every thing I love it. In The Box Included in the blister packaging are: July 27, at 5: A glass window may be installed using Mag Instrument partthe same as the 2AA, but removing the process to remove the reflector pushing it left and right while applying pressure on the window has the potential to damage the reflector during removal, so if one wishes to change the window, proceed with caution!

The beam can be focused with a quick turn of the head, or the head removed to flood an entire area with light. March 25, at 5: Not sure if the tailcaps need to be sent back, or if they can just send a replacement. EZ to use once understood, strong beam, long running, EZ to find battery size. This light has x1l00 all. Indeed, the battery carrier was designed to protect against reverse polarity!

This is where the magic happens! A typical quality alkaline AAA has a capacity of about mAh, which means that a set of brand new alkaline batteries will be completely drained after three years. Of course, contrary to low-cost lights, the XL is regulated to provide consistent output until the batteries are completely depleted. User initiated signal on-off SOS Mode: The head features a plastic window and a deep smooth reflector.

I have started carrying this light more and more and it is really starting to grow on me.