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Shamanic practices are the hallmark of the Dreamspeaker Tradition. They are an incredibly diverse group that represents an incredible number of cultures from across the globe who all understand that Mankind’s relationship with the Spirit World is what makes magic possible. Inspired by this thread ( forum/the-classic-world-of-darkness/mage-the-ascension/. I like both Akashic Brotherhood and the Dreamspeakers but honestly I Really Mage could use a “how to incorporate real world traditions” into.

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Outside of East Asia and the classic “big three” of the Dreamspeakers the Americas, Africa and Australiathere’s a number of shamanic traditions in Europe many of them discussed in Dead Magic 2including the Sami of Finland and it’s neighbors, and certain Celtic and Hungarian traditions. They all revere and work for the greater balance of the world, yet their approaches are so varied and intuitive that they cannot work together effectively. They also tend to act with great deliberation since they are aware of the many levels of repercussions even the slightest actions dreamspdakers have on the unseen realms.

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Animal trainer, burned-out city girl, channeler, dream interpreter, ecologist, naturalist, shaman, techno-fetishist, wanderer Stereotypes Akashic Brotherhood: Bonpo is Tibet’s pre-Buddhist belief system which involves certain shamanic practices, but I know almost nothing about specifics of the beliefs.

But some other people I’m looking at you, Order of Hermes and Solificati decided it would be a great place to dump dreajspeakers group that wasn’t Eurasian. Indonesia has a couple of different traditions, many of the practitioners apparently “officially” identifying themselves as Hindus so as to avoid persecution by the Muslim dominated government.

With access to dreamspeakees spirit world so limited, the shaman-mages have lost access to much of their magical strength. There is infinitely more to this world than the things anyone can touch. To achieve lasting peace, both the human and Spirit world must be without trouble, and dreamspeaker Dreamspeakers work to make that happen.


An Epic Game of Reality on the Rink. Of course, these same experts are quick to scoff at the idea that these spirits might actually exist. I now have this weird image in my head of an all Miko cabal made up of a Dreamspeaker, Akashic, and Choruser. The Mzge has always been organized loosely at best, deferring leadership to its most respected members almost by unspoken accord.

Many take young Initiates into the wastes to teach through vision-quests, then return to guide their native societies back to the Dreaming way. Standing with one foot in this world and one foot across the Gauntlet, the Dreamspeakers have a unique understanding of the consequences of dreamspeakkers actions. You saw things when you were dead, and understood that the city held more than just humanity.


I attack people with giant insects both on and off the dreamspeakees. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here Dreamspeaker-stories are about liminality; a shaman is typically an outsider and being a shaman is a painful burden. Character Concepts Cross-world Architect — To be an architect requires vision, and that goes double for you. These rugged few look to technology and its underlyin g symbols for spirits.

Dreamspeaker – Reality Deviants ~ A Mage: The Ascension Story

Java also has Kebatinan, which is apparently an amalgam of animist, Hindu, Buddhist and Sufi beliefs. Dark spirits guide their hands, but they labor under a hard burden without complaint. Along with the decline in the ancient ways came the expansion of the Order of Hermes, and rather than war constantly with the different spiritual traditions they came across, the Order offered the spirit mystics a choice.

Most young Dreamspeakers go out on a quest to find someone who can teach them how to understand their visions and make sense magr their new lives. Click here to edit contents of this page. Dreamspeaker magic is often in the form of communicating and making deals with the Spirits.

Drumming, chanting, fires, fasting herbs, sacred elements, dust, bones, mandalas, amulets, dancing Tradition Advantage: Originally posted by Skeeper0 View Post. Shamanic practices are the hallmark of the Dreamspeaker Tradition. Their supposed Art can command the spirits, dreamspeakerz it cannot command the soul.


Dreamdpeakers Dreamspeakers draw out the images and archetypes known unconsciously by all humanity. This can take all sorts of forms, from formal rituals to games of wit and chance and other, more bizzare forms. Since they are attuned to the currents of the invisible world, many Dreamspeakers learn to recognize the subtle telltale omens of spirit activity even before using their magic.

As far as Japanese Shinto Dreamspeaker characters, probably a lot of Miko shrine maiden characters you’ve ever seen in anime or manga would work as such. Ryukyuan is roughly the Okinawa equivalent to Shinto. I think much more of the shamanistic traditions of Europe, Russia, several parts of Africa, and actually anywhere at some point in time.

Notify me of new comments via email. Some, like the Ngoma and the Kopa Loei, politely told them to pound sand and left. They often behave in ways that make them strange, or different or frightening, but this is a burden they bear with no small amount of pride as only they understand and appreciate the sacrifices they must make to both sides in order to keep both worlds in order.

From the get go, mate of the two founders was an African shaman, Naioba. Many also observe any number of small superstitions and other eccentricities, which stem from the very particular demands of the spirits they deal with.

The Dreamspeakers mabe join the Order under one banner, or face their decline alone. Tengerism is the term often used to refer to the Shamanistic beliefs of Mongolia and other parts of Central Asia and Siberia. On the day of your Awakening, you encountered one first hand. Many are reduced to showy displays, where the motions are there, but the underlying meaning are lost.