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The Macharius ‘Vanquisher’ is armed with twin-linked Vanquisher Cannons in the main turret. Search. Edit; Watch this page. Macharius Vanquisher. Redirect page. Redirect to: Macharius (Heavy Tank)#Macharius ‘Vanquisher’. Retrieved from. Ladies and Gents, this is a long one. It’s part wishlisting, conversion idea generation, and a discussion piece. TL:DR – how would you.

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Discussion Macharius Vanquisher Question self. In addition, it was also given the HE rounds which are S8 AP3 7″ blast so it is like a bigger battle cannon as well if there aren’t a vanquishef of tanks.

Macharius (Heavy Tank) – Warhammer 40k – Lexicanum

Ads by Project Wonderful! Since the mega-bolter is fed by a high-speed autoloader, the Macharius Vulcan requires only a crew of six, using the space previously taken up by the two loaders for more ammunition. Log in and join the community. Firing thousands of rounds per minute, the Vulcan is a highly-effective anti-infantry platform, able to sweep clear trench systems and suppress enemy heavy weapons teams. The Omega-pattern Plasma Blastgun, unlike the Ryza-pattern found on Imperial Titans, is a more compact design that is easier to manufacture.

That said, twin-linked weapons alone have stolen victory from the jaws of defeat on more than on a few occasions so the call is yours. Starting to get not worth it compared to a Shadowsword Turret-mounted Twin-Linked Vanquisher Cannons. But really it’s to let you use the 40k FW vehicles you already might have in 30k; FW is just being fair.

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Avengers seem to be good competition, only take an FA slot, and are far lower points investment. I mean, I love the Avenger, I have one and I use it Particularly in light of the new daemon engines that Chaos are getting and the half-ass Baneblades that the SM are getting ret-conned into their arsenals, the IG might need some balancing machariuw. Or maybe Forge World will finally give us a model for the mythical Dominus.


They can also take Flare Shields. The Macharius and its variants are often referred to as “Second-Generation” Baneblades.

Though it is less durable and possesses less firepower than the Baneblade, it is also substantially less expensive in the fluff and more common. Also, I found out that the latest rules are actually in Imperial Armour Apocalypse amcharius, where it is nearly points.

The Macharius is larger than the standard Leman Russ Tank but smaller than the Baneblade it was built to replace when none are available. A heavy mortar, a quad launcher, half of a storm shard mortar would all be solid candidates.

Fired at very high velocities, the anti-tank shells can penetrate even the thickest of armor, turning this variant into a potent tank hunter. Submit a new text post. While rarer and harder to manufacture than battle cannons, they are capable of using special anti-tank shells in addition to beast hunter shells and standard munitions.

The cannon uses specialised, shaped high explosive shells take down enemy tanks from afar. You know I love the look of the Marauder Destroyer model, but I didn’t think the rules justified the points and cash cost of it in 30k. It seemed to have a lot of variety for macharijs decent price around Sometime during the middle of the 41st Millennium a Magos from the Forge World of Lucius known as Nalax discovered the partial data remnants machariis a long forgotten battle tank that was used during the Great Crusade.

Only a handful of Forge Worlds are allowed access to the original STC designs for these ancient and powerful war-machines, and a Mechanicus Magos may petition Mars for access to these designs for centuries or even a millennia without success.


It is the job of the munition-adepts of the Adeptus Mechanicus to rediscover this lost data, a tireless effort which can last years. Similarly, adding options to replace the hull mounted twin heavy stubbers with twin heavy bolters, heavy flamers, multi-lasers, autocannons, or lascannons, would fulfill the same idea as adding options to the sponsons.

A Macharius Vanquisher as seen from the left side.

Macharius Vanquisher – Warhammer 40k – Lexicanum

The comparable ease with which the Macharius ‘Omega’ can be manufactured and maintained has more then overcome its shortcomings in the eyes of macharkus Departmento Munitorum [3d]and large quantities of resources have been devoted to the forge worlds which produce them such as Lucius, Hellgrace and Dynax Primus. Submit a new link.

For all ideas mentioned, the points of the Macharius would increase accordingly i. While this allows it to be mounted on smaller vehicles, it is also highly unstable and more prone to overheating than its larger cousin, which may be why the thing is open toped.

Submit a new link. The Macharius equivalent of the Leman Russ Vanquisher. Sign In Don’t have an account? As a result, these Forge Worlds may turn to the manufacture of the more readily available Macharius tank.

Macharius Heavy Tank

Welcome to Warhammer 40k – Lexicanum! Community Forum Discord Server. If the smaller Macharius is able to successfully put a Vulcan mega-bolter on kacharius periscope turret, then surely a much larger tank should be able to do the job just as well.