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Get Meade Instruments LXD75 Manual. Get all Meade Instruments manuals!. Garden product manuals and free pdf instructions. Find the user manual you need for Meade LXD75 Telescope User Manual. Page 1. Page 2. Page 3. Page 4. Meade Instruments Telescope Instruction Manual LXD LXD 75 Telescope pdf manual download. Also for: Sn Meade LXD75 Installation Manual 1 page.

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As part of final optical testing, every Meade Schmidt-Cassegrain is precisely colli- mated at the Meade factory before shipment. Even the most novice observer will locate dozens of fascinating celestial objects the very first night out.

You can download the latest software revisions, links to other astronomical sites, coordinates of celestial objects and the latest satellite tracking information for your Autostar handset. Collimation Screws Again, hold the optical tube so that it cannot A 3-element design, doubles each eyepiece power whilemaintaining uncompromised image resolution, color correction, and contrast.

Meade will repair or replace a product, or part thereof, found by Meade to be defective, provided the defectivepart is returned to Meade, freight-prepaid, with proof of purchase. Using The Guided Tour million miles from the Earth. Want to learn moreabout the polar alignment viewfinder? For example, set the Date menu for a day three months in the future.

The disk of Venus appears white as Sunlight is reflected off the thick cloud cover that completely obscures any surface detail. Point the object at the bright Multi-mount telescope system with astronomer inside 72 pages. The premium quality of these accessories is well-suited to the qual- ity of the instrument itself. Telescope Meade LX90 Instruction Manual 8″ schmidt-cassegrain telescope autostar lnt smartfinder 60 pages.

Eye damage isoften painless, so there is no warning to theobserver that damage has occurred until it lxc75 late. Fine-adjust the position of the object with the Electronic Controller Arrow keys sothat it is centered in the viewfinder. Solar System” menu and scroll through the lists of planets. Looking at Lunar Eclipse lists upcoming Lunar Eclipses, including the date and type total, par- tial, penumbral of eclipse.


The alignment star should be easily recognized and bethe brightest star in the area of the sky where the telescope is pointing. Inspecting The Optics LXDSeries or repairs, write or call the Meade Customer Llxd75 Department first, before return- ing the telescope to the factory, giving full particulars as to the nature of the problem, as well as your name, address, and daytime telephone number.

Use the Scroll Up and Down keys to display the available data. It will either be pointing directly at a set screw, or it will be between two set screws aiming at the set screw on the far side of lx75 black plastic secondary mirror sup- port.

Axis Alignment Mabual 2 Autostar then chooses three stars from its database to align upon.

Download free pdf for Meade LXD75 Telescope manual

Download the latest satellite data and software revisions directly from the Meade website www. Confirm alignment – To confirm optical alignment look down the focuser drawtube 1, Fig. An excellent addition to any eyepiece set. Clubs are an excellent way to learn more about observing lxf75 sky, to find out where the best observing sites are, and to compare notes about telescopes, eyepieces, filters, tripods, and so forth. Next, loosen the R. When the telescope slews to a star Through-the-telescope photography is possible with any 35mm camera body with aremovable lens.

A small paper ring isattached to the primary mirror. This manual gives only the briefest introduction to astronomy. The LXDSeries ldx75 reveal nature in an ever-expanding level of detail. Alarm selects a time for an alarm signal as a reminder. Northern hemisphere observers N: Each division of the Dec. To determine the latitude of an observing site not listed on the chart, locate the city closest to your site. ldx75


LXD75 Manual (Size: 1 MB)

Seeing conditionsvary widely from night-tonight and site-to-site. Page 27 Browse allows you to search the library for objects with certain parameters, much likea search engine. However, forthose observers who need to meet the more demanding requirements of astrophotography, the polar alignment viewfinder allows the telescope mount to be more precisely aligned with true North.

Want to see Mars? To restart the tracking motor, press MODE again. Page 51 star, and also of the object you wish to locate, in a star atlas. If the satellite is going to make apass, “Located” displays. Moon, and our solar system comes from observations made by ama- teur astronomers. Download transfers information from another Autostar.

For a close up of the refractor focuser assembly, see Fig. Observe the feather structure of an eagle from 50 yards or study the rings manua the plan- et Saturn from a distance of million miles.

Page 12 When the pointer points at your latitude, tighten both screws until they make contact with the mount. German-type equatorial mountSlew Speeds Satellite orbits change pxd75 new satellites including the Space Shuttle are launched. Event” menu for the Sunset time on that date. Page 16 supplied with your telescope.


The great majority of servicing issues can be resolved by telephone, avoiding return of the telescope to the factory. If the procedure has been followed carefully, the desired object should now be in the telescopic field of a low-power eyepiece. Easy alignment Object permits all telescope operations with only mnual quick setup.

If you are interestedin pursuing further studies in astronomy, a few topics are suggested below that areworth reading up on.

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