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Käyttäjän ohjekirja Lucrezia Idro – 04/04/ Hits: – LUCREZIA IDRO BO – LUCREZIA IDRO PE – LUCREZIA . User Manual Lucrezia Idro – hot! 11/26/ Hits: – LUCREZIA IDRO BO – LUCREZIA IDRO PE – LUCREZIA IDRO. Fireplace pellets produced by the Italian company Extraflame. Improved automatic cleaning system of the fuel system. Heat exchanger with manual cleaning.

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In addition to the feed rate, the room temperature can be set directly from the control panel.

In any case, the smoke channels must seal the combustion and condensate products and be insulated if they pass outside the installation room. The cooling circuit must be activated by a heat safety valve such to guarantee that the limit temperature set by the Standard is not exceeded. Congratulations to the winners! Generality The closed systems must have: The installation and relative connections of the plant have been carried out lucezia professionally authorised staff in total compliance with the Standard in force M.

Stove Status Winter Mode The stove operates controlling both thermostats: The sequence to be followed is the same and idrp repeated as for the 1st time period switch-on.

ExtraflameSupport – Downloads | Lucrezia Idro | Mother Board | Thermoproducts

Wind energy 16 Aug lucezia Switch-off Press key 1 for three seconds. Stove positioning For correct product functioning, it is recommended to position it in a way that it is perfectly level, with the aid of a spirit level. They must therefore be disposed of separately in appropriate containers. By means of a special process, which does not require the use of any binders or additives, the shavings are compressed in industrial machines under high pressure and become solid wooden pellets.


The pressure upstream from the cooling circuit must be at least 1.

lucrezoa Installations not allowed In the room where the heat generator will be installed the following must not pre-exist or be installed: Comments to this Manuals Your Name. If a detergent or liquid is used, the latter could penetrate the crackles, thereby making them show more. No pellets The pellet feed-box is empty.

Fireplace pellets Lucrezia Idro Steel – 25 kW

Installation must be performed by qualified staff, which assumes complete responsibility for the definitive installation and consequent good functioning of the product installed. To confirm and continue programming, press button 6. This phase will be shown on the display, it will bring the stove to a lower power level and will increase ,ucrezia flue gas motor for a programmed amount of time.

The lucreziz reducer does not feed pellets. Suck the ash deposited in the brazier compartment.

Press key 2 several times until user is displayed. The warranty also excludes any calibration or regulation interventions of the product in relation to the type of fuel or the type of installation.

Only after this control can the flue fitting be mounted between the boiler and the flue. Pump operation The pump activates water circulation when the temperature ideo the water inside the stove reaches approx. Fireplace pellets Lucrezia Idro Steel – 25 kW.

In the event of inadequate flow, it takes the machine to alarm conditions Acoustic alarm activation thermostat F2. Closed expansion vessel Warnings: Therefore a modification of this parameter will lead to a proportional variation of all stove feeding speeds. Sunday prg3 off Set prg3 Start – prg4 Possible air in the system. Move it as follows: Activating OFF, the back light of the display will go off after a preset delay.


This type of material is produced from natural waste from woodworking. Routine maintenance In order to guarantee proper functioning and safety of the device, the operations indicated below must be performed every season or more often when necessary. The “pellet feed regulation” function can be used to adjust combustion based on the described requirements.

Press keys to select ON and press key 6. Ten clear signs our climate is changing 12 Dec These must be checked regularly: When the cleaning phase is finished, the stove will continue work going back to the selected power level.


If the stove has functioning problems owing to lucreziq quantity of pellets, adjust pellet feeding directly from the control board. If there are horizontal tracts the residues must be removed before they can obstruct flue passage.

A seminar meeting – the modern chimney systems Schiedel 20 Dec Commissioning checks Before connecting the boiler: The warranty becomes void in case the defect of conformity is not filed with the dealer within two months from date of its finding. Intervenes oucrezia by sending the product into alarm conditions until complete cooling, in the case of: Icro have an account?

Its purpose is to promote wind energy and its contribution to the global low-car