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When Noble laureate HIV researcher Luc Montagnier discovered that certain bacterial and viral DNA sequences dissolved in water causes. Authors:Luc Montagnier, Emilio Del Giudice, Jamal Aïssa, Claude the DNA information (sequence) is shown by retrieval of that same DNA by. To cite this article: L Montagnier et al J. Phys.: Conf. Ser. Abstract. Some bacterial and viral DNA sequences have been found to induce low frequency.

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Luc Montagnier tells the story that began 10 years ago when he discovered the strange behaviour of a small bacterium, Mycoplasm piruma frequent companion to human immunodeficiency virus HIV infection; and like the HIV, has special affinity for the human lymphocytes white blood cells [3]. Montagnier has long been seen as something of a maverick, but in recent years some have accused him of descending into quackery. Guess who the chairman of the editorial board is: InMontagnier became involved in a legal battle with inventor Bruno Robert over the intellectual property rights to the techniques used in the aforementioned research.

Now, new results from his lab appear to show that the DNA sequence itself could be reconstituted from the electromagnetic signal. It mmontagnier proposed by Montagnier [11] that some molecules interact through electromagnetic waves instead of direct contact. The aim is to foster a broad and multidisciplinary discussion. Szostak Robert G. How could this be ignored — is Montagnier simply being dismissed as a liar?

But Montagnier says homeopathy is not on the agenda of the meeting, although he can’t prevent dnx audience from asking questions about it. Opinion No U-turns 21 December Why punish leaders just for changing their minds?


Drengot Comment left 9th December Mae-Wan Ho and others.

At least one blogger is taking offense, however: The filtrate solution that went through the filter was sterile, and no bacterium grew in a rich culture medium that would normally support its growth. In general, EM signals are rna by 20 nm filtrates of viral suspensions or from the extracted DNA.

Mae-Wan Ho and Dr. The nanostructures induced by M. He says that China’s Jiaotong University is more “open minded” to his research. Each nanostructure, when in contact with the human lymphocytes, directs the synthesis of the corresponding DNA by the DNA polymerases in the cell.

What I can say now is that the high dilutions are right. Retrieved 4 June In the interview he stated that Jacques Benvenistewhose controversial homeopathic work had been discredited, was “a modern Galileo “. One of the diluted solutions say, 10 -6which gave a positive signal, was omntagnier in a container shielded by 1 mm think mu-metal an alloy that absorbs EM waves.

Homeopathy is outstripping allopathy.

The experiment is more sophisticated. In other projects Wikimedia Commons.

UNESCO to host meeting on controversial ‘memory of water’ research | Science | AAAS

On 25 Mayhe gave the keynote address [35] at the AutismOne conference in Chicago. Montagnier and his team examined samples taken from Rozenbaum’s AIDS patients and found the virus that would later become known as HIV in a lymph ,uc biopsy. When asked if he wasn’t “worried that your colleagues will think you have drifted into pseudo-science? The latter can then be reconstituted and recycled as infinitum.

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When the solution was simply incubated for two or three weeks, the bacterial DNA was detected. Although fellow Nobel prize winners — who view homeopathy as quackery — were left openly shaking their heads, Montagnier’s comments were rapidly embraced by homeopaths eager for greater credibility.


The group, led by Sheng-Yung Chang, examined archival specimens and concluded in Nature in that Gallo’s virus had come from Montagnier’s lab. Recommended Reading Meaning of Life and the Universe: However, it raises the fundamental question of how water could store and receive electromagnetic information of such precision that a DNA sequence could be reproduced without a template, which is how it is normally done.

Retrieved 11 September Swiss immunologist Alain de Weck, who had long known and respected Montagnier, said he was “perplexed” in Retrieved 21 March Rozenbaum had suggested at scientific meetings that the cause of the disease might be a retrovirus. Furthermore, polymerase chain reactions PCR based on primers short starting sequences derived from adhesina gene of the bacterium that had been cloned and sequenced, failed to detect any DNA in the filtrate.

Philip Ball wrote an analysis about Montagnier’s work in Chemistry Worldstating “It looks like one of the most astonishing discoveries in a century, yet it was almost entirely ignored. High dilutions of something are not nothing.

Michael Godfrey Comment left 20th July They took the solution of the culture medium with all the bacteria filtered off. How to contact the news team. Since claiming in that some DNA emits electromagnetic signals, 2 he has suggested that such signals can be detected in the blood of children with autism and that this justifies treating autism with antibiotics.

This fragment was amplified by PCR to bp and bp. A DNA band of the expected size bp was found.