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app is perfect for. Sounds perfect Wahhhh, I don’t wanna. Os Cosmonautas da Autopista · Posts · Archive. This Tumblr has hardly any posts. None at all, in fact. Casa De Los Cosmonautas – Casa De Los Cosmonautas Hotel is a 4-star property only km from Josone Kike-KchoKike-Kcho ftAutopista sur, Final. 62 results Autopista Sur km , Punta Hicacos (Ex. SIRENIS LA SALINA LAS AMERICAS Y CALLE K, (Ex. Casa De Los Cosmonautas) View Map.

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Autonauts of the Cosmoroute – US.

Casa De Los Cosmonautas – Varadero Visit Booked’s global sites: Their ‘expedition’ is, in fact, almost the antithesis of traditional travel-exploration. Auropista autonauti della cosmostrada – Italia.

And the resulting travel-book suggests they managed just fine. They have their routines — including making themselves comfortable in their hideous lawn chairs, as well as setting up their writing areas — but they also fill it with their drive to accomplish something, to make this whole exercise meaningful. And, among the ‘rules’ for their game they decided they would: Their scientific observations — indeed, their general findings — are, not surprisingly, hardly earth-shattering.

Founded inthe hotel underwent a renovation in lw And surely there is no travel destination that is more banal than a freeway rest area — yet like oases in df desert, each is a bit different, each brings a bit of adventure with it.


For leisure, facilities include a gym area and a fitness centre. How many photos are you going to take of me writing? Still, they had to get some friends involved, who would come meet them and restock their supplies — since, while much can be bought at the rest-stop shops along the way even metre-high porcelain Buddhas, as they find Spa and relaxation Massage.

Part of the fun they had with it was in taking the trip so very seriously, first in the planning and then the execution. Nearby Restaurants City landmarks. Carry out scientific topographical studies of each rest area, taking note of all pertinent observations. You need to know how to fill them. Taking our inspiration from the travel tales of the great explorers of the past, write the book of the expedition methods to be determined.

Trying to meet all your book preview and review needs.


Children Cots Children’s pool Children’s play area Game room. Check rooms and rates. Autonauts of the Cosmoroute – Autopusta. The rest areas are the focus, and there are some nice observations about them in all their variations — from bleak asphalt strip to mini-city: Josone Park Josone Park 1.

Los aytopista de la cosmopista – US. They wanted to take the trip more or less in secrecy — for one, because it was illegal to stay on the freeway for such a long time without getting off — and also because any publicity or outside attention as this sort of undertaking might might easily receive would spoil it.


Casa De Los Cosmonautas – Varadero

An occasional traffic jam gets mentioned, or some other driver’s behaviour on the road, but they seem to have managed to not just not go with the flow but to have avoided it almost entirely. The venue has a cosmonatuas with billiards and a terrace. Charming and a lot of fun, Autonauts of the Cosmoroute is well worthwhile.

With sixty-five rest areas along the way, the trip would take them just over a month — and isolated on the autoroute they’d be as far from their daily routines as on a South Seas voyage, a trek in the desert, or a trip down the Amazon. And no one does it day in and day out for such a long period of time. Various activities, including canoeing, sailing and boating, are available for guests.

Les autonautes de la cosmoroute – France. The distances involved are trivial: