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In book: Forragicultura: Ciência, Tecnologia e Gestão dos Recursos Forrageiros, Publisher: Gráfica Multipress, Editors: capitulo 39 – Livro em Forragicultura, located at Canguiri Experimental Farm of the Federal .. chemical composition analyses were conducted in the Forragicultura e Pastagens. Forragicultura: ciência, tecnologia e gestão dos recursos forrageiros. Jaboticabal : Gráfica Multipress, p COSTA, K.A.P.; ROSA, B. OLIVEIRA, I.P.;.

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Registration of Florona stargrass. Evaluation of seeding strategies of bahiagrass and pintoi peanut on pasture establishment. Journal of Range Management 44 2: Plant-plant interactions affecting plant establishment and persistence on revegetated rangeland. The significance of sward characteristics in the management of temperate sown pastures.

Using seeds of native species on rangelands. The physiological significance of defoliation on the subsequent regrowth of grass-clover mixtures and cereals. Growth habit of rhizoma peanut affects establishment and spread when strip-planted in bahiagrass pastures.

Sir Publishing, Wellington, p. Grazing pressure and the measurement of pasture production. Pastagens nos ecossistemas de clima tropical: Manejo de pastagens de Tifton, Coastcross, e Estrela.

Revista Brasileira de Agropecuária Sustentável

Effects of K and N fertilization on bermudagrass forage accumulation, root and rhizome mass, and tissue K concentration. Domicio do Nascimento Junior. Topsoil and mulch effects on plant species and community responses of revegetated mined land.

Registration of Florico stargrass. Potential productivity of temperate and tropical grassland systems. Mineral nutrition of C4 forage grasses. Organic food reserves in relation to the growth of alfafa and other perennial herbaceous plants. G rassland ecophysiology and grazing ecology.


Journal of Range Management, v. Grass Varieties in the United States. Carbohydrate root reserves in alfalfa, red clover, and birdsfoot trefoil forgagicultura management schedules. Bermudagrass production in Florida. Crop Sciencev.

The information is presented in a systematic manner, favouring an integrated view of the different trends and research philosophies used, indicating, critically, the need for revising and changing paradigms as a means of improving and consolidating the ofrragicultura on animal production from pastures. Grassland Ecophysiology and Grazing Ecology. Freitas 10apud Nabinger et al. Methods of planting Coastal bermudagrass.

Effects of dry matter content and microbial additive on Tifton 85 Cynodon dactylon spp. Cytogenetic studies in Cynodon L. Influence of progressive defoliation of a grass sward on the eating behaviour of cattle. Tifton 85, Coastal bermudagrass, and supplement for backgrounding fall born calves during the summer.

Forage quality and grazing steer performance from Tifton 85 and Tifton 78 bermudagrass pastures.

Comparison of Tifton forragiculura and Coastal bermudagrass for yield, nutrient traits, intake, and digestion by growing beef steers. Nesse contexto, Korte et al. Smooth brome and intermediate wheatgrass impede succession of native species Colorado. However, it was during the last decade that significant changes and advance occurred regarding the understanding of important factors and processes that determine adequate use of tropical forage plants in forragiculturq.

Desses, o primeiro foi durante muito tempo bastante enfatizado Weinmann, Forage characteristics of bermudagrass pastures mixed with Pintoi peanut and grazed at different stubble heights. Jornal of Range Management, v.


Louisiana Agricultural Experiment Station. Forage quality and grazing steer performance from Tifton 85 and Tifton 78 bermudagrass pastures. In vitro digestion kinetics of neutral detergent fiber extracted from Tifton 85 and Coastal Bermudagrass.

Os primeiros trabalhos que abordaram a ecofisiologia das plantas forrageiras tropicais foram os de Pinto et al. Understanding the dynamics of herbage accumulation in tropical grass species: Differences in sward structure, nutritive value, and bite size of animals grazing Setaria anceps and Chloris gayana at various stages of growth.

Grazing managementscience into practice. The Science of Grassland Agriculture, 6th ed. SIR Publishing, Wellington, p.

Livro Plantas Forrageiras

Lkvro Ecophysiology and Grazing Ecology 7. The effect of the duration of regrowth on photosynthesis, leaf death and the average rate of growth in a rotationally grazed sward. The effect of plant structure on the intake of tropical pastures. Comparison of Tifton 85 and other Cynodon grasses for production and nutritive value under grazing.

Management of stargrass forragichltura for growing cattle using visual pasture characteristics. The physiology of grass production under grazing. The influence of swards conditions on rates of herbage growth and senescence in mixed swards under continuous grazing management.