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Apple’s LiveType is an amazing title tool that is bundled with Final Cut Studio and Final Cut Express. A lot of LiveType Tutorial for Creating an Animated Mask. I’m working through the tutorials of the online version of this video, and I must say that it seems to be a very thorough introduction to LiveType. The program is not. Scrolling Text in LiveType [This article was first published in the June, , issue of. Larry’s Final Cut Pro Newsletter. Click here to subscribe.] by Larry Jordan.

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Particular attention is paid to the Inspector and the Timeline where our text effects are built. Simply choose the movie file and it will appear in the Final Cut browser window. Select your text track, click the Fonts tab in the Media Browserand set your text to a nice readable format.

Review By Ken Stone. Be sure to reposition your Out to match the tytorial of the text clip. Make sure your text track is selected, click Scroll Upand click Apply in the lower right corner of the Media Browser. The canvas window has limited playhead controls along the bottom and you can adjust the viewing size of the window through accessing the pop-up menu next to the playhead controls. If you are new to LiveType or have been working with it for awhile and now want to create some truly exciting and unique effects, it’s livegype to get some help.


As the tutorial movie plays out on our screens, overlay artwork is added to point out the areas of discussion and demonstrate the point at hand, a very helpful teaching tool. Then, drag the baseline as you did in step 7. About five years ago I animated the LiveType Script font to look like it was handwriting the title.

It tutoriial text clips, tracks and project tabs.

Apple LiveType Video Tutorials

But, if you want it to pause at the end, say to display a copyright notice, there are a few more steps you need to make. Overall, the program is very user friendly livteype will have you creating animated text and looking like a pro in no time.

Wondering if someone knows about it.

So consider downloading Motion and experiment — or try Motion out on someone else’s Mac. You also get a wireframe preview of your text displaying motion and size attributes that can save precious rendering time later on. Get to Know Us. Scroll Up with Fade: Title was only 7 letters long with no spacing, livettype I toughed it out.

He concludes by showing how to pull it all together for a variety of projects, from a Web-based presentation to a broadcast-quality film.

Apple LiveType Video Tutorials

After working through and learning the basics of LiveType, the lessons continue on, now based on what tuforial have learned, culminating with some advanced lessons that teach you how to create exciting and original effects. When viewing your text clip in the viewer window you may have to adjust your in and out points, size and position of the text movie clip. Final Cut Pro 4 has successfully overcome this deficiency with the introduction of its new text software program LiveType that comes bundled with the Final Cut Pro 4 software package.


The tour of the interface takes us through the different windows; Canvas, Inspector, Browser and Timeline, with each demonstrated and the working relationships between these elements explained.

A movie window will appear that lets you play through your rendered movie before quitting the software program. While it is not hard to do some interesting titling in LiveType using the supplied; Presets, Glyphs, Templates, Textures, LiveFonts, Objects and Effects, this program offers much more, its abilities go deep.

You can also apply and adjust style features such as shadows, outline and glow. The Media Browser window stores the fonts, backgrounds and effects. Scrolls text from top to bottom with no pause b. Leading controls the spacing between lines. The presentations are not too tutorual or too slow, and you can apply what you learn immediately to your own projects. A lot of users are missing out on LiveType’s amazing functionality. Write a customer review.

The program is not that difficult to learn if you’re an experienced Final Cut Express or Pro user, but there are hidden features that the author of this tutorial will show you how to use. To change the speed of the scroll, change the length of the effect; shorter is faster. Ask a question Reset.