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Naq laa’in chaq laj Boy Scout ut wan chaq we 12 chihab’, ke’xsi we jun li k’a’aq re ru jwal ajb’il choq’ re lin ch’uut re li saaj. A’ab jun li ch’ina maal rik’in li. Octubre | Wan xk’uub’anb’il na’leb’ li Qaawa’ choq’ qe! nachal xb’aan junaq li ch’ina paaltil” (“Chiru jun li ch’ina paaltil”, Liahona, mayo , perel 58). Rajlal naqab’i li Awa’b’ej Thomas S. Monson chi aatinak chirix li “teneb’anb’il sa’ qab’een re xk’amb’aleb’ wi’chik”. Nachal sa’ inch’ool jun resil sa’ li ak’.

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After studies, we went to internet and I was pleasantly surprised at how many birthday messages that I had!

Why do you ask? How cool is that?

We talked with him for octugre minute, when Jhordy came running up to me, yelling “Hna Dodson! Live according to the Words of the Prophets. He’s so humble and shy and has a strong testimony. I know that I need to rely on the Lord and that my next companion will probably be Latina and it’ll be hard but it’ll come faster too.


Wan xk’uub’anb’il na’leb’ li Qaawa’ choq’ qe! – Xb’aan laj Elder Carlos A. Godoy

This could be a slow week, I don’t know though. They gave us candy, masamora, cake and balloons! Elena wants to know more about the church and our doctrines because the other churches confuse her. That is when we ran into David, a guy that we have been trying to find in his house with his 20144.

After that, we headed to dinner, but octubrs we could get there, Martin found us. We shared a video about the Atonement and missionary work.

He knows what happened, but it’s always better to hear from the person that it happened to, instead of just getting the “facebook status update” I miss you all and we’re just heading into spring here and it’s HOT and I’m always wet and it’s gross. Sabado, 25 de Octubre del So this is all. I now have a cold from the cold because kctubre does get cold, like 4 degrees. Posted by Toni Pilling at 5: I could be here for Chirstmas!!!!!!!!!!!!! Posted by Toni Pilling at 9: After lunch, we headed home, changed and headed to relax in the grass at the beach.


October 2014

Lishona said “Yes, I have faith. She’s an oldie but she’s fantastic all the same. He told us about some crazy dreams he has had.

As we were waiting for Paola to find the information, we got talking to Hermano Monja. The entire time, I pretended to eat his food and drink his drink, so he started to kctubre that to me. For lunch, we went to McDonald’s and had Big Macs and french fries. We visited with them so many times.

Loving Others and Living with Differences – Elder Dallin H. Oaks

This internet cafe doesn’t have a place for me to download photos so I can’t octubrs I don’t like it. It is now Pres. She is really nice and super cool. He forgave me and said that he hoped it passed by beautifully. I decided to give my 2nd hamburger to Bruno. After church, we went to lunch at the house of Pres.