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August , Decreto Legislativo que modifica artículos de la Ley , the Law on the Organization and Functions of the Military Police . %PDF 1 0 obj >> endobj 2 0 obj endobj 3 0 obj /ExtGState/ ProcSet[/PDF/Text/ImageB/ImageC/ImageI] >>/MediaBox[ 0 0 ]. 1 Según la ley Nº , Ley que regula el procedimiento de ejecución de . en actos ilícitos (Decreto Legislativo que refuerza la ley N° , Ley de.

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Sin embargo, esto no limita la posibilidad de 229182 en el PNN Sea Safety Act About diaries, preservation of evidence, Maritime Declaration, another maritime investigation and inspection. An Act to amend the Act No.

Regulates the obligation for foreigners without permanent residence in one of the Nordic countries to obtain a special permit to work on board a Swedish ship outside Sweden.

Chapter 1 makes provision for issuing of 2918 under the Act respecting safety on board vessels, and determines navigation zones. Ordinance to amend Order Introduces new articles 7c, 7d and 9a to chapter 4 providing for regulations concerning certificates and required levels of education for seafarers. Suecia – Gente de mar – Ley Act Amends and adds several sections, inter alia, ss.

Ordinance respecting the qualifications 2982 of persons employed in seafaring. Finally, Chapter 7 regulates supervision, and Chapter 8 restriction of the right to use a vessel.


This Order provides that the Board of Shipping may grant an exception under the Seafarers’ Hours of Work Act and that a decision by the Board shall be subject to appeal before the Government. Act to amend the Mustering of Seafarers Act No. Le article chapter 2 7, chapter 5 and 6 article 8a, chapter 7 article 1 and 2, chapter 10 article 2 and 3, and the title preceding chapter 2 article 7 2982 various regulations in the Act.

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Act to amend the Seaman’s Act Entry into force date to be determined by the Government. Act respecting permit for employment on board ships.

Establishes that further regulations respecting medical examinations may be issued by the Swedish National Administration of Shipping and Navigation. Suecia – Gente de mar – Otros textos circular, directiva, aviso gubernativo, etc.

Act to amend the Mustering of seafarers’ Act Suecia – Gente de mar – Ley Act respecting safety on board ship.


Examinating authority and size of the fee. Provides rules for the responsibilities of the Swedish Maritime Administration.

General rules safety crew, safety organization, manning, etc. About ship registration and enrollment. The consolidation of the Ordinance includes leh total of 29 amending texts through November up to Ordinance Special rules for certain vessels certificates, passenger vessels, etc. Contains 12 sections and 76 articles concerning, inter alia: Tomando como base la norma ISO Concordancia con el Plan Nacional de Desarrollo Order to amend the Ordinance No.


Provides that the Act About court of jurisdiction and trials in cases related to maritime law. This Act provides that a dispute concerning the conditions of employment of a seafarer may not be filed before a foreign 291822. About ship leg and maritime liens. La seguridad debe ser un punto prioritario en el izaje de materiales, por ello es de gran importancia conocer las limitaciones del equipo que se utiliza para ello.

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Amends sections 5, 6 respecting competence to issue rules and 9 appeal procedure. Details when particular provisions of the Act Regulates the application of the Act respecting safety on board ship No. Suecia – Gente de mar – Reglamento, Decreto, Orden, Ordenanza Ordinance respecting the qualifications required of persons employed in seafaring.

Competence requirements for auditing and certification of business continuity management systems.