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Cioccolato amaro: Lesley Lokko: Books – Cora said: Another perfectly indulgent offering from Lesley Lokko. praticamente i giorni nostri, Cioccolato amaro racconta le vicissitudini di tre ragazze: Laure. Premetto che credo che questo sarà l’ultimo romanzo che leggerò della Lokko, sebbene tutti mi parlino bene de L’estate francese e Cioccolato amaro.

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The ending was a bit of a anti- climax too I wish she has expunge the melanie character from the story and the book altogether. Tranne Ian forsenon c’era un personaggio descritto in modo negativo! Another great read from Lesley Lokko. Two rich, idle young women, abandoned by glamourous, thoughtless parents, go in search for love and self-respect across three continents in Lokko’s jet-setting “blockbuster” of a novel.

Bitter Chocolate by Lesley Lokko

Lesley Lokko might be “the author who brought brains to the blockbuster”, but, loiko least based on Bitter Chocolate, I highly disagree, it is not a very intelligent book – rather the opposite and I do not feel inclined to check out her previous work, based on this experience.

Ameline making a way for herself despite all odds, Laure finding love and peace with herself after a horrible past and Melanie well nothing special from her except her love for extravagant parties.

And the most remarkable thing of all? Nov 18, Jenny Cooke rated it did not like it. She had made him look at her, he who barely registered her presence. I bought this book on a whim from ebay, the description proclaiming the novel to be from “the author lokkko brought brains to the blockbuster”.

Inoltre, alcune cose non hanno davvero senso. After like being together 10 years, he finds out that she like did porn or something in her amari before she met him and he freaks out and just erases her from his life.


Took a while to get going cooccolato was a good read once it did. Not a bad read, a bit disjointed. This book is a book for all seasons. Melanie is a daughter of rock star who is a spoiled brat and ciocco,ato numerous ways to gain attention from her divorced parents.

Lesley Lokko

I enjoyed the way she entroduced al the different characters and jump around in time as well as characters with all of them part of everybody elses lives without them knowing it, coming together in the end. Tutti perfettamente belli da mozzare il fiato.

Love Lokko as an author cioccolao this book lets her down, took a while to get into, was a little boring in places, not her usual page turner. I enjoyed the stories of Ameline and Laure, it was beautiful, unique and special. Boring only read 20 pages and lost interest. Sembra quasi la pausetta per sgranchirsi le gambe ad una lezione universitaria!

The three stories are told consecutively and you jump around from story to story with very little notice. Lesleey stored a collection of new books printed in English Oh how I would trade places right now; Melbourne for Bali… was it only 5 weeks ago that we were lying by the pool in the 32 degree heat?

There is romance and hardship and love and hate. I like the glimpses of Haitian culture and traditions in the novel but I unfortunately came to conclusion that this novel has little to do with reality in that sense.

Cioccolato amaro by Lesley Lokko on Apple Books

Belle ora vive in America a Chicago e Laure sogna solo di andarsene dall’atmosfera stagnante della olkko in cui vive con la rigida nonna. Paperbackpages. Melanie moves to LA and remains as pampered as she was in England. I recommend this book for those who like Sidney Sheldon and Judith Krantz. I didn’t necessarily like all of the protagonists, especially Melanie, but I could see why they did what they did, and all of their personalities were unique.


I just love Lesley Lokko and how her stories are about different people with lives somehow entwined spanning lewley decades and the world. It gets a little blah after a while and you kind of don’t care because the girl is an idiot or appears to be in her actions.

Tre caratteri, educazioni, ceti sociali diversi. And then towards the end it became drawn out and the story seemed to drag. She never changed and she was wasn’t very likable. Crea troppe situazioni, vuole portare avanti le storie di tre ipotetiche co-protagoniste, ma non riesce totalmente a portare avanti tutte e tre allo stesso modo: I did not dislike the book but also would not recommend it.

My first book by Lesley Lokko. Llinos rated it did not like it Dec 20, Imagine my surprise when I opened a book I supposed to be about fair trade chocolate and instead found myself reading a novel! There are no discussion topics on this book yet. Jul 30, Rachel rated it really liked it.

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