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Aeterni Patris, an encyclical issued by Pope Leo XIII on Aug. 4, , which strengthened the position of the philosophical system of the medieval Scholastic . Aeterni Patris has 23 ratings and 7 reviews. In August , eighteen months into his pontificate, Pope Leo XIII (formerly Joachim Cardinal Pecci, bisho. AETERNI PATRIS (UNIGENITUS) — an encyclical letter proclaimed by Pope Leo XIII,. July 4, (Acta Leonis Papae R, , I ). The subtitle of the.

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Michael Guerra marked it as to-read Jul 28, For, the noble endowments which make the Scholastic theology so formidable to the enemies of truth-to wit, as the same Pontiff adds, “that ready and close coherence of cause and effect, that order and array as of a disciplined army in battle, those clear definitions and distinctions, that strength of argument and those keen discussions, by which light is distinguished from darkness, the true from the false, expose and strip naked, as it were, the falsehoods of heretics wrapped around by a cloud of subterfuges and fallacies” 33 – those noble and admirable endowments, We say, are only to be found in a right use of that philosophy which the Scholastic teachers have been accustomed carefully and prudently to make use of even in theological disputations.

Quotes from Aeterni Patris. Jefferson marked it as to-read Dec 04, For, since it is in the very nature of man to follow the guide of reason in his actions, if his intellect sins at all his will soon follows; and thus it happens that false opinions, whose seat is in the understanding, influence human actions and pervert them. But the advantage to be derived from such a school of philosophy is not to be confined within these limits.

Thus, the philosopher is discouraged from accepting any conclusion that is opposed to revealed doctrine. And here it is well to note that our philosophy can only by the grossest injustice be accused of being opposed to the advance and development of natural science.

Lists with This Book. We know that there are some who, in their overestimate of the human faculties, maintain that as soon as man’s intellect becomes subject to divine authority it falls from its native dignity, and hampered by the yoke of this species of slavery, is much retarded and qeterni in its progress toward the supreme truth and excellence.


The encyclical, however, was no surprise to any acquainted with Cardinal Pecci, who had for years been spearheading a Thomistic renaissance in the schools in his diocese of Perugia, leading to such theologians qeterni philosophers as Reginald Garrigou-LagrangeEtienne Gilsonand Jacques Maritain.

These developments and contributions can be seen as a natural consequence of the aim of Aeterni Patris to bring faith and reason together in a fruitful dialectic. The editor of New Advent is Kevin Knight.

Aeterni Patris

For, not in vain did God set the light of reason in the human mind; and so far is the super-added light of faith from extinguishing or lessening the power of the intelligence that it completes it rather, and by adding to its strength renders it capable of greater things. Since, then, according to the warning of the apostle, the minds of Christ’s faithful are apt to be deceived and the integrity of the faith to be corrupted among men by philosophy and vain deceit, 2 the supreme pastors of the Church have always thought it their duty to advance, by every means in their power, science truly so called, and at the same time to provide with special care that all studies should accord with the Catholic faith, especially philosophy, on which a right interpretation of the other sciences in great part depends.

Refresh and try again. Philosophy is characterized as both ziii defensive and offensive tool of faith. In the first place, then, this great and noble fruit is gathered from human reason, that it demonstrates that God is; for the greatness of the beauty and of the creature the Creator of them may be seen so as to be known thereby. Cajetan’s commentary on Payris.


The encyclical continues the list of those early Christian thinkers who have labored to defend the faith from error and develop a philosophically informed account of it: In the first place, philosophy, if rightly made use of by the wise, in a certain way tends to smooth and fortify the road to true faith, and to prepare the souls of its disciples for the xiio reception of revelation; for which reason it is well called by ancient writers sometimes a steppingstone to the Christian faith, 6 sometimes the prelude and help of Christianity, 7 sometimes the Gospel teacher.


Zigliara, a member of seven Xiiii congregations including the Congregation for Studies, was a co-founder of the Academia Romano di San Tommaso in Dominic, which rightly claims this great teacher for its own glory, the statutes of the Benedictines, the Carmelites, the Augustinians, the Society of Jesus, and many others all testify that they are bound by this law.

Revelation or supernatural truth is beyond the reach of reason and therefore philosophy must accept these truths by faith. Jack Haefner rated it it was amazing Sep 28, The spirit and thought of Saint Thomas Elon advocated by the encyclical has proven a valuable resource for Catholic philosophy and theology in bringing aeherni faith and reason to bear on the problems of modern life. In the first case they cut the ground from under the feet of error and expose the viciousness of the arguments on which error rests; while in the second case they make themselves masters of weighty reasons for the sound demonstration of truth and the satisfactory instruction of any reasonable person.

MacIntyre ultimately conducts a complex series of both interior and exterior critiques of the encyclopaedic and genealogical positions in an attempt to vindicate philosophical Thomism as the most persuasive form of moral inquiry.

Nweke Charles marked it as to-read Feb 28, Jessica added it Oct 22, Its purpose was the revival of Scholastic philosophyaccording to the xiiii of St. Thomas as a central figure in Catholic philosophy. This species of religious strife St. My email address is webmaster at newadvent. Learn More in these related Britannica articles: Whence it clearly follows that leom reason finds the fullest faith and authority united in the word of God.

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