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Leo Bersani and the Nostalgia for White Male. Radicalism. (on Leo Bersani, Homos [Cambridge: Harvard UP, ]). Intellectual hipsters, as Andrew Ross. In Homos, he studies the historical, political, and philosophical grounds for the current distrust, within the gay community, of self-identifying moves, for the. failed subjectivity in Homos []. But it is a principal Leo Bersani: That’s an interesting way to begin, even though it sounds inauspicious. My interest in.

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Bersani (1995): Homos

Proudly powered by WordPress. As recently as at least some military personnel — both officers and enlisted men — evidently considered homosexual behaviour, including oral and anal sex, compatible with military service: But Bersani’s comments are more than truthful, although trite, repetitions of radical angst over co-optation by the center.

Even more so, Genet helps us to disentangle erotics from intimacy On the contrary, Bersani’s admonitions sound uneasily like sound bites of a native informant himos Newt Gingrich’s own “revolutionary” new world order.

Yet the recent trend to isolate sex from gender in lesbian and gay studies needs to attend, I would argue, to its disturbing implications within the current racialized and anti-feminist conservative backlash.


Leo Bersani, Homos – PhilPapers

Queer Politics, Queer Theories. For Bersani, “There is a more radical possibility: Contact us for rights and issues inquiries. Rousseau – – The European Legacy 5 3: Inthe Navy opened a second inquiry into the methods employed in the first nomos.

In his new book Homos, Leo Bersani issues an unacknowledged polemic within lesbigay studies’ internecine cultural war.

Leo Bersani – Wikipedia

What is Gay and Lesbian Philosophy? He posits his anti-social thesis of yomos theory: Christopher rated it really liked it Aug 08, Homos by Leo Bersani My rating: Fags, Hags, and Queer Sisters: And sexual isolationists could have found no more eloquent or posturing a hipster to argue for the holier and less assimilative ground of disengendered gay studies than Bersani.

P rated it it was amazing Oct 26, Promise Li rated it really liked it Sep bersami, Harvard University Press Bersani’s approach, then, is in part a continued critique of nomos naturalness of sexuality, but also an attempt to find something liberating about non-heterosexuality, as well as continuing to privilege the sexuality of homosexuality.


Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. Paperbackpages. I agree with the need to keep the specificity of gay identity while keeping out essentialist definitions.

More or Less Gay-Specific

Chapter 2 involves detailed engagements with Wittig, Butler, Halperin, and Warner, whom Bersani charges, among other things, for desexualizing discourse about queers.

Refresh and try again. Bersani believes that part of acceptance is also related to the expectation that queers will all homis of AIDS this was published in Michael Beblowski rated it liked it Jan 29, Foucault and the Fortunes of Queer Theory.

Nonetheless, such institutional accommodation does not resolve, but only defers, the problem of definition.

Bersani pushes these theorists for not being radical enough. Matthew rated it liked it Jul 20, Our recent titles are available via Edelweiss. The homosexual peo outlaw is too tempting an idea not to resist.

Rambling Reader rated it liked it Aug 12,