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LEGO Villa Savoye Set Instructions Viewer. If you’ve lost your original instructions, or just want to try building something new, these are the full building . Download LEGO instructions on your computer or mobile device for Villa Savoye set number to help you build these LEGO sets. LEGO set database: Villa Savoye. Set number: ; Name: Villa Savoye; Set type: Normal; Theme group: Model making; Theme: Architecture.

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The technique for attaching the pilotis is interesting, as is the SNOT roof sections, but otherwise it’s nothing strenuous. The LEGO Group has preserved a winning formula with the smart, attractive packaging of the latest in the Architecture line.

BrickLink – Set : Lego Villa Savoye [Architecture] – BrickLink Reference Catalog

The bows used on the SNOT subsections work really well to bring those curves to life, and it’s achieved without any unsightly gaps.

Is it a real coincidence or did I hear some information that I forgot thereafter? The 1×1 white brick and tile in the centre will help to align the instructiosn floor correctly.

Great review yet again Rufus! The question of why not choose another building vs. There are many excellent French architects to choose from and they are responsible for far more well known villaa architecturally interesting projects than the Villa Savoye again, my personal opinion, biased by the fact that many examples of the Modernist movement do nothing for me.

This is the equivalent of ‘playability’ on a regular LEGO set, but you aren’t really going to play with this, are you? Window panels are added, one of which serves to strengthen that 1×12 plate somewhat; the wall circuit is completed.

At this angle, the pilotis look a little wonky; this would be solved by pushing them up slightly so they sit in the recesses of the plates above – hence my earlier advice.

Savoyee the black base on the plain black background, colour differentiation is not a problem, and the few sub-builds are handled effortlessly. The right-hand end should perhaps be more circular, which could be achieved with macaroni piecesbut this would make it difficult to achieve a level top.

And for the record, I don’t particularly care for Le Corbusier or most of the International Style either, but like you I figure I’ll still get the set anyway. The rear shows the model from a higher perspective; in the bottom right there’s a small inset of the real building:.


With a good selection of dark green parts, this might be useful as a parts pack; however, the majority are common pieces and the inflated price of the Architecture line isntructions its appeal for parts alone.

Definitely makes me want to add this set to the collection. Even though it’s no longer a surprise, it feels like TLG really care about their Architecture customers.

LEGO Villa Savoye Set 21014 Instructions Viewer

Thanks for yet another extensive review of a set in xavoye Architecture range. From the front, we can see how much the upper floor overhangs the lower, and there’s a delightful symmetry in the colonade of pillars flanking each side: Though I do see your point on the techpins – bad short cut Lego.

Quite why the left side has red plates and the right side blue is unclear. An excellently-detailed review, Rufus. Or I might just have borrowed the picture from Google Earth.

The box’s left side shows two further views of the set: Thanks savoey the info! These things get everywhere. However, we now know that the mysterious sixth language is Hungarian.

Search – Building Instructions – service

Oh, and GRogall – I don’t suppose you’ve tracked down anything on yet? Presumably these are used to give the appearance of flagstones. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able in the end to make the journey to Poissy to see this building in the flesh. Perhaps they represent the French flag, judging by the white in between; but in that case they are the wrong way round. As I noted in my R2-D2 reviewthere’s a degree of colour inconsistency in the white pieces, most notable in the 1×2 bows, some of savoyw seem to have a pearlescent sheen:.

Unfortunately, rattling around in the box has caused villq minor damage to the edge of the front cover, which shows up all the more on the lovely insfructions card. Not that there’s a lot to see in there. It’s a surprisingly large box.

Instructions For LEGO 21014 Villa Savoye

Personally, I’m not a savohe fan of Modernist Architecture a genre, in my opinion, too often dominated by glorified boxes stacked in jnstructions ways so when I think of all the iconic buildings in France that they could have explored, this one wasn’t even on my radar, but that’s more a critique of the subject matter than the execution.


Most appealing are the useful quantities of earth green bricks and plates; the trans clear 1×2 bricks might also be useful, if you were building say a waterfall. Finally, let’s see how Villa Savoye compares to other favourites from the Architecture range:. This tends to flop around a bit during construction. The instructions themselves are clear and detailed, although some may find the pace a little slow, especially compared to the larger sets like Robie House: Much of the weight of the box is caused by the hefty gramme instruction book.

It is also, I suspect, a digital render rather than a real photograph of the set. Sign In Sign Up. Note also the lack of windows on the right-hand side, which allow movement of air onto the terraced area. Of course I’ll never know, but indeed I probably read it somewhere or got inspired by the recent survey.

About the red and blue plates – they’re completely hidden in the final build; I suspect they’re just there as visual markers so you can more clearly see where to place things. Ok, it’s a little blurry, but I did have to instructtions the pilot to fly over the house. Its smart cover replicates the model shot from the front of the box, and indicates that its contents are available on the Architeciture Website.

Otherwise, the parts selection is good for quantity rather than rarity, although the two white 8×16 plates surprisingly only occur in two other sets not counting savoey DACTA set. You need to be a member in order instructionx leave a comment. Leog given my own personal inclinations, I even think the theme’s focus on modernism could stand to move forward a bit; the medium’s a natural fit for postmodern and deconstructivist works as well.

From here you can again admire the pleasing regularity of the pilotis ; and ivlla note how the bright upper floor seems to float on the the darker ground floor.

The architectural intent of Villa Savoye is rendered superbly: Posted September 6, edited. I haven’t bought anything from the Architecture line for a really long time legoo.