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Readers’ questions about Legiunea blestematilor. Blindatele mortii. 1 question answered. Error: error. Legiunea Blestematilor id: Name, Legiunea Blestematilor. Shorthandle, LB-RO. Registered since, 10/02/ Headquarters, Romania. With you can determine the development of World of Tanks players and clans.

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Lectura Audio: Sven Hassel – Legiunea Blestematilor: Comisarul

The book is entertaining and, at times, very exciting. O alta perspectiva a observarii nazistilor si rusilor, cu totul neasteptata.

Sven reports to Beier and blesfematilor a card game. Actually there is another reason I can read these books, even with great enjoyment: Which may be a compliment. There seems to be a bit of confusion over how much of his books are autobiographical and how much “based on events” or just plain made up.

Legiunea blestemaților

Write a review Legiunea Blestematilor. Meeting with Stege’s brother.

The Finnish “jubilee edition” I read includes actually two novels and a pictorial supplement on Hassel’s war time photographs. This is a anti-war Story. Lists with This Book. Sven leaves hospital to return to unit.

The real magic is in the slow, everyday, callous loss of humanity among Sven and his comrades. However, the book cover bldstematilor the contents a disservice. What better legacy for a former Wehrmacht Unteroffizier to leave behind? Hassel served in the Danish merchant navy tillwhen he moved to Germany to join the army.

Guard duty in no-man’s-land. Porta tries to sleep. All in all, it is an enjoyable book, easy to read, manages to represent a lot of the various aspects of war, but I would not go as far as consider it autobiographical.


The intent is to display relevant and engaging ads for individual users, so they are more valuable to niche agencies and third parties dealing with advertising. Preferirei poter dire di non nutrire nessun istinto sanguinario; ma ancora oggi vedo rosso quando penso, o peggio incontro, coloro che inci Un doloroso ritratto biografico della Seconda Guerra Mondiale vissuta dal soldato Sven Hassel, assieme ai suoi compagni.

But as it dawned on me, just what it was i was reading, that it was indeed an autobiography, as i rememberd that the book itself was written while Sven Hassel sat in a Prisoner of War prison for treachery against the German state, by a soldier who had fought with the penal legions in most fronts across the 2nd World War So the book as a whole gets 3 stars. Porta and Meier incident, lots of abuse.

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Legiunea Blestematilor

I’m not normally a fan of books that quickly jump forward but Hassel really managed to transport you to the battlefield, choosing his events carefully and managing to bring characters to life despite the book being driven by events. Nov 06, Mariella rated it it was ok.

Standard tracking, which makes our store understand the need and places to improve our store. I assumed these books would be all violence and derring-do. The real magic of the book, however, blestematulor not in the depiction of the fighting or in the often amusing stories of Sven and his comrades behind the lines.


Trivial and shallow – not recommended at all, unless you are a stereotypical 15 year old kid with no knowledge of WW2. If turned off, the store’s leyiunea currency will be displayed. The actions depicted offer enough information for a reader to form his own opinion on the matter of war.

[LEG_B] LEGIUNEA BLESTEMATILOR – – World of Tanks Statistics

It was the perfect book to read on a blestemayilor day. Ne arata latura atat de umana a razboiului si dramele cu care se confrunta un om al razboiului, cand de exemplu atat rusii cat si nemtii se inteleg sa arunce cateva grenade la ore fixe, cunoscute de tabara adversa, strict cat sa isi multumeasca superiorii.

Filthy Deserter Description of Sven’s court martial for desertion. Big feast at the latrine. Their tank blesstematilor this soldier out of his foxhole. Sven is also among our companions, writing first person singular, as they fight in a tank battalion.