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I was reading over the other Legend of Legaia guides, and they were all very good, and they inspired me to do one as well. This game may never have received. Legend of Legaia is an RPG developed by Contrail and released for the PlayStation in It consists of a turn-based battle system with a unique combo and. Legend of Legaia Walkthrough -A fortnightly publication Version Written by Tan Yong Hua ([email protected]) ICQ Number Check out my.

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You will enter a room with an elevator. On the other hand, his vitality and speed ratings are low, and he is the least adept at combining Arts. When all has been completed by you,go to speak to Zalam who is in the house in the southern-west part of the town. When finished, talk to the Soren guy who you hav met on Mount Dlhni to carry you to the Floating Castle. Also Noa is faster than the Lu Delilas too so that made it easier. This will boost her HP to above hopefully. Head out side and then north across the bridge then west across another bridge.


Legend of Legaia – Walkthrough/FAQ

No scene will occur how disappointing you will say to yourself. He will be going on a hunting trip with the hunters tommorrow. Continue on and letaia straight ahead into the cave when you see the path divert to the right. Noa’s Path Item DoW to Vidna Items, Beyond the First Rapids: Head left next until you run into a [Fury Boost] in a chest. Gala will appear kf tell you about the bridge leaf. You will at the room where the Head monk,Zopu’s room is at the centre.

Walkthrough – Guide for Legend Of Legaia

They don’t cost anything. You will fight two seru named Kemaro. The upper right legsnd leads you to a giude with the [Fire Book I] in it, so use it on Vahn and then rest in this room. He will ask you to relate to him all of your experiences and encounters at various intervals. Head down the top and open the chest for a warrior icon. Move the two levers they were guarding and enter the throne room.

Now, their faint hope is their only source of inspiration. In the next cave, take a quick right and grab the [Healing Fruit] from the chest before saving your game. Healing Berry Item Where pegaia walkthrough ends, it is where I am in the game. Fight the two puera guards and enter the throne room but the mist generator room is locked!


Now you may head back to Usha’s. Level 12 Level Recommended After: Thunder defense up Upper Octam. It is Meta,the Ra-seru that you willing me getting.

What do you need help on? Seru that attached themselves to humans controlled their minds and turned them into evil beasts. You will need to collect some coins first. The mist will clear and everything will be ok. Magic Water Die to Songi 3. Continue on until you reach a fork, head to the right and jump across the ledges until you wind up at another rock climbing path.

Prince Cort also arrives. You can learn a new art or two if you don’t have them already by talking to the man on the left. Soon legwia will appear at the magical tree and started praying. You will marvelled at the sword but you will get it later.