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CHAPTER 3 Lee and Marlene Canter’s Assertive Discipline. – About Lee and Marlene Canter. Lee Canter. Lee Canter is founder of Canter & Associates. Assertive Discipline: Lee Canter. A behaviorist approach to class control based on the assumptions that teachers have a right to teach and a right to expect. Assertive Discipline: Positive Behavior Management for Today’s Classroom ( Building Relationships with Difficult Students) [Lee Canter] on

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They give firm, clear, concise directions to students who are in need of outside guidance to help them behave appropriately. The Canters recommend that you NOT continue punishing if talking with the youngster will help to defuse the situation. Are there any legitimate excuses for misbehavior e. Continue to repeat your command a maximum of three times until the led follows your directions.

Now relive that experience and act assertively in it. Switch roles and repeat steps b through e Learn to use the “broken record” technique. Tim receives a hard knock on the head as a result of the push-initiated fall. Repeat the directions as positive statements to students who are complying with your commands e. The teacher grabs the student’s shoulder and pushes him toward the end of line.

Tom McIntyre at www. When told to get back on task, Juanita tells you that discipilne is feeling ill today. Determine positive consequences for appropriate behavior.

Assertive discipline – Wikipedia

Analyze your typical behavior management style. Offer a choice with a negative xanter for noncompliance. This is commonly reported by him, has been evaluated out by the school nurse, and is believed to be a ploy he uses to avoid class work.

Might the word “Reminder” be a better choice? Also write the message mentioned in step 6. You decide to give a friendly hint or two. Remember to use eye contact and the student’s name. Students are off task while the teacher quietly sits at her desk and corrects assignments. A marble might be dropped into a jar for each predetermined interval that the class as a whole has been attentive and respectful. You were afraid of ciscipline or their behavior You might cause them psychological harm You felt inadequate to handle their unusual behavior You were concerned that they might not like you You weren’t sure what to do c.


Say something positive to the student in a personal, quiet voice. While eye-contact from children during discipline is common among those raised in homes with European ancestry, most other cultures of the world require a student to look down or avoid eye contact while being disciplined.

Group rewards are also used. Now that you have given a direction, you can reinforce the student for compliance or punish him or her for noncompliance.

More than being a director, assertive teachers build positive, trusting relationships with their students and teach appropriate classroom behavior via direct instruction When the jar is full, a special event is held. Choose three to six negative consequences a “discipline hierarchy”each of which is more punitive or restrictive than the previous one.

Assertive teachers react confidently and quickly in situations that require the management of student behavior.

These consequences should escalate when a student breaks the rules more than once in the same lesson. Do you use eye contact, gestures, and the student’s name? When told to get back on task, Kevin tells you that he is feeling ill today.

Maintain this eye contact for a few seconds. This page was last edited on 14 Decemberat Berj rips up his worksheet and throws it on the floor, mumbling, “I’m not doing this crap.


Assertive Discipline | Child Discipline in the Classroom

This is a disguised way of repeating your rules so that all students know what to do This procedure appears to be a restatement of Jacob Kounin’s “ripple effect” strategy. For more on making rules, see the home page link on “How to create your own behavior management system” or the video podcast on this topic 3.

She starts to cry and accuses you of never helping her. Even this recommendation might be inappropriate cantdr some times though Make use of proximity control; moving toward misbehaving students indicated moreso for younger kids. For example, along with verbal praise, you might also include raffle tickets that are given to students for proper behavior.

Do you respond to misconduct in a non hostile, assertive manner? Give five different nonverbal signals e.

Assertive discipline

Assertige that case, polite requests given with a lessened contact of the eyes may be indicated. Invite pre adolescents into the hallway to “talk” to avoid embarrassment in front of peers and the negative behavior that will most likely result if you engage in public chastisement. Assertive teachers believe that a firm, teacher-in-charge classroom is in the best interests of students.

The Canters state that society demands appropriate behavior if one is to be accepted and successful.

By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. It is hoped that the misbehaving students lwe then model that appropriate behavior Kounin’s “ripple effect”.

In between are sequentially more punitive outcomes for failure to comply with the teacher direction.