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Getting an Image on the Screen. Last Updated 3/18/ Now that you’ve. Install SDL 2 for Linux command line. Setting up SDL 2 on g++. Last Updated 6/21/ 1)Go download the source for. Render text with TTF fonts in SDL 2.

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In this tutorial we will be setting up the SDL library and creating our first window. No and any book that does is unauthorized. Here we’ll be using the added benefit that they allow threads to communicate with each other.

Welcome to LearnProgramming!

Linux Android tutorials are now up! Also, always remember to initialize your pointers. Your First Graphics Window.

Search engines are your friends, people. For the SDL tutorials, all you need is a good handle on geometry, but the more math you know the better.

Lazy Foo’ Productions

In our main function we initialize SDL and load the image. You have no idea how true that is.

You can either put the library binaries in the same directory as your executable, or a directory that your operating system keeps library binary files. So laay your application can’t find the image, make sure it is in the right place. Typically, your working directory is the directory where your executable is at but some programs like Visual Studio change the working directory to where the vcxproj file is located.


Oh and if you see that your bug hasn’t been fixed yet, sorry that it got buried in the mass of e-mail I get. In this tutorial we will make a minimalist OpenGL 2.

This means the SDL tutorials are now feature complete. They’re still in the same spot.

And guys, most of these issue I was e-mailed about had nothing to do with the sl itself. This can only mean people don’t read the contact page and just fish for an e-mail.

Well contact me and I’ll try to explain it better and maybe make adjustments to the tutorial. Does that mean if you don’t reply to my e-mail immediately I should spam you on there?

I basically only have a few pockets of free time to work on the site. SDL is supported by steam though, and since it’s in C, it gives you the advantage of structuring your engine more freely. If the compiler complains that it can’t find SDL.

Is lazy foo an okay resource to learn SDL? : learnprogramming

Lesson 28 Per-pixel Collision Detection. So, you would more likely find that SFML is much easier to use: This means less fop use. I get a lot of e-mails about how calling this function “close” causes conflicts in C because does not support function overloading.


Lesson 23 Advanced Timers. Extract the source somewhere. By the end of these tutorials, you’ll know the basics to make your first real video game! I was fortunate enough to get 7 days off for the holidays, but I spent it all catching up doing everything else I wasn’t able to do to during the year when I wanted to spend time clearing out the bug backlog before the year ended.

Lazy Foo’ Productions – Texture Loading and Rendering

For a dynamically linked library, these addresses are in the library file. Lesson 14 Animated Sprites and Vsync. I’ll get the other ones up ASAP. What you see on the screen is the front buffer.

Also bundling up every tutorial for a single download would cost me hits. I admit that the tutorials were a bit rushed, so there’s going to be mistakes here and there.