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Lanz von Liebenfels, Jörg () Austrian astrologer and member of the occult underground preceding the Nazi movement. His Order of New Templars. Theozoology [Dr. Jorg Lanz von Liebenfels] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Theozoology — or the Science of the Sodomite Apelings and . Jörg Lanz von Liebenfels (July 19, – April 22, ) was a Austrian occultist, former Cistercian monk and founder of the Ariosophy.

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Its declared aim was to harmonize science, art and religion on a basis of racial consciousness. Perhaps his fascination with religious orders was what motivated Lanz to enter the Cistercian novitiate at Heilgenkreuz Abbey near Vienna as Frater Georg on July 31, The following is a partial list of Lanz’s publications:.

His solution fon the problem of evil, as he understood it, was a program of segregation, eugenics labz genocide in order to restore the Aryan race to their original god-man stature. Lanz prophesied the success of Hilter as lisbenfels world figure but failed to find favor with the Nazis after their invasion of Austria.

As a student of Guido von List, Lanz further expanded his theories; other influences included Otto Weininger, of whom Lanz was a fervent follower. Sighthor rated it liked it Jan 14, Advanced embedding details, examples, and help! NanoCyborg marked it as to-read May 06, The message had come through that there was a connection between race and spirituality.


Rituals were designed to beautify life in accordance with Aryan aesthetics, and to express the Order’s theological system. However, Theozoology is not an anti-Semitic work. The liebenfesl acquisitions continued during the next few decades as the religion expanded throughout Hungary and Germany. On the one hand, we find the Children of the Gods and on the other hand the Children of Men.


Many might think that this is some sort of anti-Semitic tract, as the author, the ex-Cistercian monk, Lanz von Liebenfels has been characterized as ‘the man vo gave Hitler his ideas’.

Open Preview See a Problem? Racial hygiene was historically tied to traditional notions of public health, but usually with an enhanced emphasis on heredity.

Jörg Lanz von Liebenfels

Kh’ull marked it voj to-read Oct 11, Lanz had been a patron of Guido von List, having met him in In the preface of issue one in the 3rd series of Ostarac. Most notably copies of ‘Ostara’ were removed from circulation.

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Theozoology by Jörg Lanz von Liebenfels

Crazyarms marked it as to-read May 07, This is one of the most curious books in history. InLanz further developed his previous theological and scientific ideas about the bestial origins of evil.

After Austria was annexed by Nazi Germany inLanz hoped for Hitler’s patronage, but Hitler banned him from publishing his writings and copies of Ostara were removed from circulation. Apparently he had aspirations to become a monk, but was not considered suitable material by his superiors in the monastery.

Travis Sharko marked it as to-read Jan 14, Mathias Hansen marked it as to-read Jan 24, Clefable marked it as to-read Oct 15, Aryans have one pair fewer chromosomes than other apes, with ape chromosomes 2 and 4 fusing into a large chromosome which contains remnants of the centromere and telomeres of the ancestral 2 and 4.

Many might think that this is some sort of anti-Semitic tract, as the author, the ex-Cistercian monk, Lanz von Liebenfels has been characterized as ‘the ma This is one of the most curious books in history.

Lanz von Liebenfels – Theozoologie / Theozoology

Now for the first time made available in an affordable edition with the technical orthography of the original intact. At the root of this ‘fall ‘, the Aryan race lost its divine powers and paranormal abilities, such as telepathy or clairvoyance – and lost its mystic vision of the universe and of the ‘powers’.


He left the monastery in ; although Lanz claimed that this was due to “growing nervousness”, the official documents recorded “carnal love” as the reason. Within its pages is the summation of a long development of thought, which was, in the near future, about to erupt into unforeseen disaster. I would say this process is sort of a spiritual evolutionary process, however, since religion and race biology are tied so closely I cannot say it is not biological in nature as well.

Modern Language Association http: Neither organization managed to attract a large member base; though, it is estimated that the order had around members, most prominent of which was the poet Fritz von Herzmanovsky-Orlando. These god-men were a separate race from the pygmy beast-men Anthropozoawhich had descended from Adam.

Lanz justified his esoteric racial ideology by attempting to give it a Liebenfrls foundation; according to him, Evewhom he described as initially being divine, involved herself with a demon and gave birth to the “lower races” in the process.

Jonny Sorgasm marked it as to-read Aug 04, The lanx was by no means a charade, as it was able to attract to its membership no less a person than the dramatist August Strindberg. This publication took a huge spread in the German countries, reaching runs overcopies. Phillip Cruz rated it did not like it Aug 12, The Prayerbook of Aryan Racial Mystics’.

Lanz claimed that Christ came to restore racial purity, being a pure Aryan god-man himself. Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. Uploaded by dudeman on May 8,