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Lai Haraoba is festival of Meiteis people group of Manipur in India. The festival is a piece of memory of the creation stories played by the gods with the primary. Manipur’s Lai Haraoba is more than just a festival celebrating the Gods – it is also a unique sporting event and tradition. Lai-Haroba is an important festival of Manipur celebrated to revere the local deities such as Umang Thai. Indian Holiday offers to give you online information on.

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The Kanglei Lai-Haraoba is celebrated at the palace.

Lai Haraoba Rituals and Dances | Sahapedia

To celebrate the whole process, Lai Haroba festival is observed every year and is an important Manipuri festival. They not only coexist, but also breathe life into each other. By helping these enterprises we aim to make the world better – better for us, for our community and for the environment Shop Now. The complete festival begins in the day time of the llai day. This page was last edited on 11 Decemberat The story goes back to the time when the Haraobs God of Meiteis, the largest ethnic group of Manipur, ruled the land.

The Guru offered him some dirt from his navel and also created nine men from his right side and seven women from his left side to assist Atiya Haraova. People on earth celebrate this event with joy.

According to Meiteis people of Manipur, Yaraobaevery year in the advent of summer season Gods visit the earth for the peace and prosperities of human beings. The deities are represented by a pair of bamboo tubes, wooden or brass mark with cloths placed below and above, pieces of wood or iron or a coin etc.

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The king, the knights, the warrior chiefs, the ladies, the village elders and the pai and the girls are given their respective seats properly.

Lai Haraoba Meitei Peoples Manipur. According to legendary conviction, the festival was first held at Koubru Ching. First section is the Lai Ikouba.

The Lai-Haraoba festival is observed to honor Umang Lai, deity of the sylvan locale of the state. Atiya Guru desired to solidify the framework. A similar custom and culture has been taken after down the ages by the individuals.

The festival is a part of recollection of the creation stories played by the deities with the first origin of this universe and evolution of the plants and animals through the will of Atiya Shidaba. Major Festival in India.

No one could come in or out of the laibung during this item, Hoirou Haya Laoba. It mirrors the entire culture of Manipur and depicts the close affinities between the hill and plain people. He was frustrated in his efforts by evil forces whom he defeated with the help of the Goddess of Lightning, and ultimately created this universe of ours. Those taking part in the festivals and sporting events afterward win medal and laurels for the country.

Call Our Travel Experts. But, in most cases ten to fifteen days are commonly held.

To accomplish this mission he sent, Atiya Guru Sidaba with a creature who maneuvered a wiry network in which human life was to hraoba integrated. Some expressions of jhuming cultivation are also expressed during this dance. It is limited to Kamglei Haraoba and is related to the python manifestation of Pakhangba.


Atiya Guru along with the team of men haraba women sat down to work. Awards will also come to them, like the seven colours reached inside the dark room of their Supreme God. South GoaNorth Goa. The festival is marked to celebrate the creation llai the universe and the recollection of the evolution of plants, animals and human beings. Unsourced material may be challenged and removed.

The dance is divided into seven sections.

Lai-Haraoba Festival 2018

After this oai maiba and maibis stand erect before the deity and pray for the beginning of the laibou. The young girls were keen to get the steps right, as well as eager to look out for their proud parents in the crowd. They will also haaroba the stories to their children, who will preserve the legend. Third is the Panthaibi Jagoi which is a dance depicting the romantic tale of Nangpok Ningthou and Panthoibi. During yaraoba festival, men and women dance in front of the idols of gods and goddesses, as part of the custom.

The most important character of lei langba is the keeping of celibacy of the lei roihanjaba the one in charge of lei langba with his attendant.

Enter your email id. November Learn how and when to remove this template message. It is called Laimang Phamba sitting before the Lai.