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: La plaza del diamante (Spanish Edition) (): Merce Rodoreda: Books. La Plaça del Diamant () – Mercè Rodoreda. Sobre la autora y la obra. – Rodoreda. o Barcelona (Catalan), o Married a much. Acaso la mejor novela catalana del siglo, ésta fue publicada en y profusamente traducida y reeditada. En ella, la sencilla historia de una mujer se carga.

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A boy comes to ask Rita out. Enriqueta tells her that even though Quimet wants to make a business out of doves, that he keeps giving them away Physically, difficult experient plus, Quimet still wants to be taken care of. The text does say some interesting things about the nature of abuse, however, which is the saving grace, it keeps it from being stale. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. I married you to have a family.

The painful realism of this book makes you sick, this pigeons topic overwhelming you and you feel yourself in same despair as Natalia, but who wants to read to feel sick and desperate? She tries to bring her kids to work, but they’re not happy there. Been married 2 mos, 7 days. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

Palomas make a big mess, make things smelly. Food becomes very hard to come by and the kids wither into almost nothing. More about the doves. Says she’ll pay later.


The Time of the Doves – Wikipedia

She remembers the past, working at the bake shop, meals with Quimet’s mom. It’s also considered by many to be best novel dealing with the Spanish Civil War.

Description of the house. She sees Julieta, who’s looking a little rough. Mentions her kids aren’t what they were at the beginning of the war, but they’re still beautiful.

Christine rated it really liked it Sep 18, Sobre la autora y la obra. Julia takes narrator out to a dance. So, eventually all the birds disappear metaphor for the war? Goes to fill up with salfumant Her father dies from a scare from the bombs.

Walking through her past. Nrfran rated it really liked it Sep 07, Just when she thinks she’d never see Q again, he comes home. And tot em feia plorar. Considers a sort of collective suicide to diamahte them all out of their pain her and her two kids.

La Plaza del Diamante & La Calle de las Camelias

Her dad asks when they’re getting married. She still hasn’t spent the two gold coins.

They start to talk about themselves. Her children learned to be quiet so they wouldn’t scare the doves and thus, could play with them. Thanks for telling us about the problem. Julieta later comes by her house, tells her about this guy she fell in love with. Dle different times, the men come back for short periods of time, but never can stay.


So, she looks for a job working at a house. This novel follows the life of Natalia, a young woman that lives in Barcelona. They decide to get married and his two best friends, Cimet and Mateau? pkaza

All three friends end up dead. Antoni says he’s never been so happy. Views Read Edit View history. He buys a motorcycle, which everyone thinks is a good and modern thing to do, but it secretly makes Natalia super nervous.

She dances, she’s happy-a beautiful day for her. Vivia tancada a casa. Key hanging inside house. He was the third one to come and ask him for her hand in marriage. It is also a faithful chronicle of life in the city at the time, in a balanced mixture of psychologism and naturalism. He goes back to fight, thinks things will be over in a month.

Quimet comes by, spends some time with the kids. Seve-Jan Van rated it really liked it Nov 24, Kids stay at home when she works?