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Donor challenge: Your generous donation will be matched 2-to-1 right now. Your $5 becomes $15! Dear Internet Archive Supporter,. I ask only. la monaca di”diderot. 4 likes. Book. la monaca di”diderot. Privacy ยท Terms. About. la monaca di”diderot. Book. 4 people like this topic. Want to like this Page ?. La monaca (Centopagine) by Denis Diderot at – ISBN X – ISBN – Einaudi – Softcover.

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His articles included many topics of the Enlightenment. He sends his personal exorcist to the convent, and Susanna is tied up and tortured and confined to a cell. Imagine something even worse than Jane Eyre’s situation, since I loved the book. Do yourself a favor and spend your time reading Rabelais. Finally a trial is held in which Susanna is accused of being mlnaca league with Satan.

As if this sounded one bit Catholic in the least. Amy Li rated it did not like it Jul 08, Want to Read Currently Reading Read. At times the occasions and her torment appeared to be perverted as doderot La Monaca by Denis Diderot. Diderot makes some pertinent and thoughtful points and is clever enough to do it in a way which lays bare the didedot of the structures without necessarily condemning the essence – the nun herself is a devout Catholic – she just doesn’t want to be a nun – and it’s interesting that the work was never on the Index of books banned by the papacy unlike the rest of Diderot’s oeuvre.

He rejected the Idea of Progress. Open Preview See a Problem? Mnoaca she the smartest, the most beautiful, the only one who dared to raise her voice because she knew her books?

La Monaca by Denis Diderot (1 star ratings)

You may be able to tell that Diderot isn’t a fan of the church. Quotes from La Monaca.

To make her oppression less severe she’d study the rules she’d have accepted, so that her experience in the second convent wouldn’t be so painful when the benevolent Mother Superior left. When the Mother Superior dies, Susanna is accused of causing the woman’s death with witchcraft.


Well, imagine Jane Eyre, but actually worse. Ubaidillah Anwar rated it did not like it Dec 14, Nuns on the Mknaca Books by Denis Diderot. Suzanne is always suffering at the hands of someone. Suzanne didn’t seem important enough for people to waste their time on her and I also found it frustrating that she skips over various parts of her life in the convent that might have actually been interesting.

The cruelty is sadomasochistic and with help she transfers to another convent where the mother superior is none other than a very amorous lesbian. It is probably well written and its central story is not far-fetched. He founded his philosophy on experiment and the study of probabilities.

Convent of Sinners – Wikipedia

La Monaca by Denis Diderot. Trivia About The Nun. Kate Hostovecky rated it did not like it Sep 14, Burcu Mkk rated it did not like it Feb 14, The exorcist even subjects Susanna to a “holy water douche” to clean the Devil from her body. Few had treated it objectively and still fewer with any attempt at sympathy or understanding.

Now, I don’t deny that it is an “understandeable” never justified opinion of someone who’s entered there against their will, but these aren’t prisons.

She has commited all sort of sacrileges through the whole book, but oh, that doesn’t seem to matter really. As well, her parents and step-sisters are concerned about family finances as the sisters are in need of dowries.

If I recall correctly De Laclos had also heard about some diabolical series of incidents that had occurred years before he penned Les Liaisons Dangereuses.

But this dialogue between Suzanne and her new confessor about the matter just reveals Diderot’s hatred for convents, once again he mnaca through the character of the priest, the idea that they should not exist. It could read as a moral lesson rather than an institutional failing. The first convent is sadistic in its treatment of her. He therefore warned his fellow philosophers against an overemphasis on mathematics and against the blind optimism djderot sees in the growth of physical knowledge an automatic social and human progress.


Manzoni e Diderot: la Monaca di Monza e la Religieuse; saggio critico

Claudiu Moraru rated it it was ok Mar 16, The fact that this was set within the Catholic church in the late s only added to prejudices and confusion. I dig the occassional woe-is-me mental break,but a whole book of nagging is too much. La libido que despierta el cuerpo de Susana las desautomatiza y evidencia lo inhumano de sus principios. All of this, however, is by the way, circumstantial, taken for granted as narrative practice without suggesting any literary or stylistic self-awareness.

I rated this 2. Emily Pickering rated it did not like it Feb 13, Certainly, the scene of confession and the means of persuasion he uses to convince her to go to the right path, are clear even though the discourse is mostly paraphrased. With a dose of polyamory. Likely it was the time he was writing in and the fact that it was set within the Catholic Church as well, that muddles it.

In fact, her way of manipulating the discourse is pretty phenomenal and perhaps one of the few redeemable things about this book.

It won’t last much because most, almost all of the other nuns and her parents are evil, and the legal case of hers to renounce to her vows, even renouncing to the wealth given to her by a testament, will fail. She later orders some of the nuns to drag Susanna naked from her bed and she whips her violently, claiming she is just trying to beat the Devil out of her.

So The Nun merely exists as a fortunately short work of fiction, which was written as a joke and became post-modern when the latest generation found out, though the text only winks at you in a brief postscript. Subjective novel about rennassaince term during 18th century bu diderot.