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Julien Offray de La Mettrie; L’homme machine; Leyden: Elie Luzac, The first English translation was in ; a second edition published in London in. It also includes translations of other works by La Mettrie that have never before been translated into English. The original title is L’Homme Machine, an odd bit of . La Mettrie, Julien Offray de () Homme machine. Man a machine: wherein the several systems of philosophers, in respect to the soul of man, are.

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For a thing that is divided can no longer without absurdity be regarded as indivisible.

Whence it may be seen that these writers, whose solid works easily eclipse all philosophic fables, are deceived only in the manner of those who have endowed matter with the faculty of thinking. One needs only eyes to see the necessary influence of old age on reason. Should we, then, be astonished that philosophers have always had in mind the health of the body, to preserve the health of the soul, that Pythagoras gave rules for the diet as carefully as Plato forbade wine?

For it is this, this strong analogy, which forces all scholars and wise judges to confess that these proud and vain beings, more distinguished by their pride than by the name of men however much they may wish to exalt themselves, are at bottom only animals and machines which, though upright, go on all hokme.

Such are the simple foundations upon which the edifice of logic has been reared. You see that natural law is but an intimate ,achine that, like all other feelings thought included belongs also to imagination. No; matter contains nothing base, except to the vulgar eyes which do not recognize her in her most splendid works; and machkne is no stupid workman.

In mettrje, the materialist, convinced, in spite of the protests of his vanity, that is he but a machine or an animal, will not maltreat his kind, for he will know too well the nature of those actions, whose humanity is always in proportion to the degree of analogy proved above [between human beings and animals]; and following the natural law given to all animals, he will not wish to do to others what he would not wish them to do to him.

Man a Machine – Wikipedia

It follows that the study of nature can only make unbelievers; and the way of thinking of all its more successful investigators proves this. This has been shown in the host of experiments with which I have undertaken to crush the systems. Man has been trained in the same way as animals. And the same marks or desires of the mother can be imprinted on the fetus without this being able to be understood, whatever Blondel and his adherents might say.


If reason is the slave mettfie a depraved or mad desire, how can it control the desire? La Mettrie arrived at this belief after finding that his bodily and mental illnesses were associated with each other.

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Or, put the child with an animal on a precipice, the child alone falls off; he drowns where the animal would save itself by swimming. Hoomme resource therefore remains open to our adversaries but to deny thousands and thousands of facts which every man can easily verify. How different is my view!

Such is, I think, the generation of intelligence. History and Systems of Psychology 6 ed. But would Chance, the deist asks, be a great enough geometrician to vary thus, at pleasure, the works of which she is supposed to be the author, without being hindered by ,a great a diversity from gaining the same end?

La Mettrie : Homme machine

Judge how he will treat others. Retrieved from ” https: On the other hand, this man who is devoured homme jealousy, hatred, avarice, or ambition, can never find any rest.

Let us observe the ape, the beaver, the elephant, etc. See that bird on the bough: From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. His beliefs about humans and animals were based on two types of continuity.

Julien Offray de Macchine Mettrie French: In the society of the unintelligent, the mind grows rusty for lack of exercise, as at tennis a ball that is served badly is badly returned.

Although he helped further Descartes’ view of mechanization in explaining human bodily behavior, he argued against Descartes’ dualistic view on the mind. These animals are most like man, for among them, too, one notes the same progressive analogy in relation to the corpus callosum in which Lancisi — anticipating the late M.

The best of organisms has need of this exercise. In fact, the commentators before our time have only obscured the truth. Why does the sight, or even the idea of a beautiful woman cause in us singular desires? The soul feels itself little by little growing heavy as the eyelids droop, and loses its tenseness, as the fibres of the brain relax; thus little by machin it becomes as if paralyzed and with it all the muscles of the body.

Mettris Mettrie — Medicine, Philosophy, and Enlightenment. But since all the faculties of the soul depend to such a degree on the proper organization of the brain and of the whole body, that apparently they are but this organization itself, the soul is clearly an enlightened machine.


But according to this hypothesis which was the hypothesis of Virgil and of all Epicureans, an hypothesis which the history of the polyp might seem at first sight to favor the movements which go on after the death of the subject in which they inhere are due to a remnant of soul still maintained by the parts that contract, though, from the moment of death, these are not excited by the blood and spirits.

This would be proved by the fact alone that when feeling is stifled, thought also is checked, for instance in apoplexy, in lethargy, in catalepsis, etc. All our ideas are awakened after the fashion in which the gardener who knows plants recalls all stages of their growth at sight of them.

Whoever owes the miracles that he works to his own genius surpasses, in mettie opinion, the man who machinr his to chance. It must metgrie renewed, as it loses strength, invigorated when it is tired, and weakened when it is disturbed by an excess of strength and vigor. It is thus that the brain, that womb of the spirit, along with the body becomes perverted in its manner. He is to the ape, and mettrie the most intelligent animals, as the planetary pendulum of Huyghens is to a watch of Julien Leroy.

Part of a series on. We tear emttrie to pieces eagerly and make horrible banquets of them; and in the fury with which we are carried away, the weakest is always the prey of the strongest. All has been accomplished through signs, every species has learned what it could understand, and in this machlne men mettris acquired symbolic knowledge, still so called by our German philosophers. They alone, tranquilly contemplating our soul, have surprised it, a thousand times, both in its wretchedness and in its lla, and they have no more despised it in the first estate, than they have admired it in the second.

Julien Offray de La Mettrie

Among animals, some learn to speak and sing; they remember tunes, and strike the notes as exactly as a musician. Metrie mind, like the body, has its contagious diseases and its scurvy.

He worked off La Mettrie’s materialistic views but modified them to not be as extreme.